Golden/Golding Loyalists in the Revolutionary War

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Golding Loyalists

John Golden

Nothing more is known about him, other than he is listed in the The Old United Empire Loyalist List.

Nathaniel Golding

>>> A distant cousin, from the line of Arthur/Percival/Percival/Gideon/Ephraim by way of Barbados and then immigration to New York.

b.Abt. 1759 Northcastle Westchester Co. New York

Mar. Sarah DeVoo April 26 1781 New York
d.Jan 12, 1819 French Village Kings Co. New Brunswick Canada

Nathaniel Golding had at least one brother, Zenas Golding who also died in French village.

During the Revolutionary War, Nathaniel enlisted in the Kings American Regiment and later in Delancy’s Brigade. He and his wife and daughter sailed out of New York in the fall of 1783 for Saint John New Brunswick. He owned a tavern for many years in French Village. During this time he had three common-law wives and nine illegitimate children.

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