Background on the Will of Gideon Golding, brother of Percival ‘The Schoolmaster’

Updated 2015.07.22

Gideon Golding, a Planter in Bermuda left a Will, dated 1686 in which he stated his brother’s name was Percival.  The source of the information below is from  THE GOLDING FAMILY GENFORUM and it confirms that this same Gideon was the brother of Percival “the schoolmaster” Golding.

Gideon and Percival also had a brother named William. Gideon and Percival immigrated to Barbados/Bermuda, and some of their descendants later immigrated to New York. This line of Goldings is very well documented.

It is claimed that William remained in England. It remains unclear what became of William — I know of no known lines showing descent from William, although there is an Andrew Golding of Kent that has claimed descent.

The father of all three brothers was Percival Sr. (1579-1635), son of Arthur Golding (1536-1606).

Gideon pursued a plantation. Percival Jr., aka the ‘The Schoolmaster’, seems to have taken after his father and grandfather — both of whom were masters of French and Latin.

There has long been suspicion that the Reverend William Golding is the same William Golding as brother to Gideon and Percival. Certainly the timing and location (Caribbean) of the Rev William Golding’s life is appropriate to being related to Gideon and Percival. However, there is no evidence for this. YDNA may show that Gideon and Percival are of haplotype ‘I’ and the Rev William Golding’s descendants are probably ‘R’ (based upon a theory that the Rev Golding had a son John that settled in Massachusetts after the Reverend Golding’s death and then came to Virginia around 1651 at Gloucester, Virginia).

Three Golding/Golden lines claim lineage back to John Golding of Gloucester, Virginia, who married Elizabeth Ripley. All three lines are YDNA ‘R’, not ‘I’.


G127641. PERCIVAL GOLDING Percival Golding b. 1608, bpt. Holborn, St. Andrew’s, London, ENG 31AUG1608, d. after 1681, m. a sister of his brother, Gideon‘s, wife (Katherine.) A schoolmaster in Bermuda, was there in 1674. “Very old” in 1681. Percivall Gouldinge, s. Percivall bp. 31 Aug. 1608, at Holborn, St. Andrew’s, London. He was a schoolmaster in Bermuda; mentioned in the will of his brother Gideon. Goulding – Lefroy Vol 2 p. 51. Letter confirming PERCIVAL GOULDING as a pious teacher for school in Devonshire Tribe.

Extract from Proclamation by the Governor March 3, 1659 Mr Percival Goulding is now an Usher under Mr. Jonothan Burr, Teacher, and whoever will send their children unto him he will teach them English & Latin and write & cast accounts for nothing. Thus desiring every person in the Islands that desires their children to be trained up in knowledge and fear of the Lord to send their children unto them to be educated that we may leave a Generation behind us to praise and glorify the Lord when we are in the dust.

In 1661 NORWOOD whom GOULDING had succeeded, was reinstated and the latter was given notice to provide another habitation for himself. About the same time Goulding’s wife was presented at the Assizes on suspicion of adultery She was censured by the Counsellor, FRANCIS WATLINGTON of Devon. Tribe. In 1681 GOULDING is described as very old and unable to to execute his place as formerly so JAMES HILL is appointed assistant schoolmaster (Mercer, Julia E., Bermuda Settlers of the 17th Century, pp. 78-9). He was named co-executor of the will of Christopher Smith of Smiths Parish. Will dated 11 July 1667. Proved 19 Nov. 1668. Other executors were George Ball & son Thomas . (Mercer, p. 183) He witnesses 6 Jan. 1674 in Bermuda, the deed of Richard Apowen on his marriage to his second wife, Bridget Londsay (?). (Mercer, p. 3) He or his nephew applied for a ticket on the ship WHITE FOX for London, John Lee, Comm., March 20, 1678 (Hotten’s List, p. 371).

Also a ticket in the ship CONCORD for London, James Strutt, May 6, 1679. (Hotten, p. 371).

Eight children were mentioned in his bother’s (Gideon Golding’s) will of 1686; amongst whom were: G1276411. EPHRAIM GOLDING d. Hempstead, Queens Co., Long Island, NY before 12JUL1707, m. St. Michael’s, Bridgetown, Barbados 26JUN1687 REBECCA GIBBS G1276412. DOROTHY GOLDING G1276413. ELIZA GOLDING G1276414. ABRAHAM GOLDING G1276415. WILLIAM GOLDING d. unm. G1276416. _____ GOLDING G1276417. _____ GOLDING G1276418. _____ GOLDING G1276411. EPHRAIM GOLDING Ephraim Golding d. Hempstead, Queens Co., Long Island, NY (see [G12J5254] below) before 12JUL1707, m. St. Michael’s, Bridgetown, Barbados 26JUN1687 Rebecca Gibbs. Their children were: G12764111. ELIZABETH GOLDING b. ca. 1688. m. Jamaica, Long Island, NY 21SEP1730 JOHN BANNISTER G12764112. JOHN GOLDING b. ca. 1690, m. Jamaica, Long Island, NY (banns published 11MAR1714) SARAH HEDGER G12764113. DANIEL GOLDING b. ca. 1692 G12764114. EPHRAIM GOLDING b. ca. 1694, m. Jamaica, Long Island, NY ca. 20AUG1716 CATERN FLEWELLING, d/o Thomas and Hannah (Smith) Flewelling of Hempstead, Long Island, NY G12764115. THOMAS GOLDING b. ca. 1696, d. North Castle, Westchester Co., NY before 19FEB1760, m. MARY COLES, d/o Samuel and Elizabeth (Albertson) Coles.


Note by Bill Golden: The above does not mention it but there were numerous slaves owned by Gideon Golding; his will distributes some of them by name. // In an earlier posting I wrote about Gideon’s concern for Baddue as he wanted him to be freed and to be taken care of.

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