Golding Pharmacy, White Plains, New York, 1941

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Store front of Golding Pharmacy at 114 West Post Road, White Plains, NY.

Bernard Golding was the pharmacist and he lived with his wife Jean at 30 Lynton Place.

Golding Pharmacy


Digitized by the Metropolitan New York Library Council as part of the Culture In Transit project, funded by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Gift to the White Plains Public Library by Mrs. Martha G Aichele who was a friend of Elizabeth Britcher, a senior librarian at the White Plains Library in the 1960s.

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1 thought on “Golding Pharmacy, White Plains, New York, 1941”

  1. I really enjoy old family photos. The pharmacist is cool, in that it is taken outside his store. Clearly your interest is relative to the Golding, et al lines, but what caught my eye was the White Plains, NY location. I have a couple, photographed individually, but in a dual-frame daguerreotype pics which states on the back “J Klein Oct 1818 White Plains, NY”. It is an ancestor of my husband, or possibly a lateral ancestor. He had been told by his mom it was “your grandparents” but she really did not know. His dad was much older when hubby was born, and he died when hubby was nearly 7.
    I said all of that to ask if you have encountered any Klein, Seaman, Duessler, Bellinger in your travels? The pic was taken around the 1850s. I assume 1818 was a birth year. Would you be willing to at least glance at the pic to see if the nationality is apparent? His dad’s line was Irish and mom’s line came off the boat from Italy before she was born.


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