Family Bible of Edmond Goulding and Susanna Jane Scivier of Hampshire, England

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A Goulding family bible has been found for the family of Edmond Goulding (1836-1921, aka Edmund Golding) and Susanna Jane Scivier (1835-1915) of Hursley, Hampshire, England. The bible found its way to South Africa, where it now resides.

The current owner would like to get it to a descendant Goulding family member if one steps forward. Contact me at and ask for contact with Leila Kappers.

Edmond and Susanna had no sons and two daughters: Elizabeth and Louisa.

Edmond’s Parents:

Charles Goulding (1809-1897) and Elizabeth Kill (1812-1891)


Edmund Goulding

Edmund Goulding

Edmond Goulding’s occupation in the 1911 census was as ‘Retired Butler’.

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