Sgt. Nicholes Darwin Golding – KIA at Ghazni, Afghanistan – Feb 13, 2004

Sgt. Nicholes Darwin Golding – KIA at Ghazni, Afghanistan – Feb 13, 2004. SGT Nicholes Golding’s line of Goldings comes from Harry Golding, born in 1871. Harry immigrated to the USA in 1885 via the ship ‘City of Richmond’. Point of origination was Liverpool, England and destination point was Queens, New York. This ship brought a new line of Goldings to America.

Swiss Guldins that became Guldens, Gouldens and Goldens

Swiss Guldins that settled in USA and became Gulden, Goulden and Golden Samuel Malacrida Guldin, 1693–1773, born 8 Nov 1693 at Stettlen, Bern, Switzerland, immigrated to Pennsylvania at some time before 1717, when his first child was born. Passed away 26 Sep 1773 at Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Married to Elizabeth Hilsaweck, 1693–1745, born … Read more

Gulden’s Mustard — Actually made by Guldens from New York

Gulden’s Mustard — Actually made by Guldens from New York Charles Gulden was the creator Gulden’s Spicy Mustard and many other sauce condiments in the mid-1800s. PARENTS: Jacob Adam Gulden (1811-1898), and Albertina Geissen (1813-1854), both from Schwetzingen, Germany, just outside of Heidelberg. Immigrated to Pennsylvania USA before 1835. Became naturalized citizen in New York … Read more

Searching for John Franklin Golden of New York and Alexandria, Virginia

John Franklin Golden of New York, born probably before 1925, perhaps as early as 1915, would find himself in Alexandria, Virginia at some time between 1948-1952. While there he met, and may have married, Charlotte Alberta Rambo 1928–1988. There is no known public record of a marriage nor divorce, so most key info about John Golden … Read more

Valentine Golden (Golder) of NY and Rachel Van Houten of NJ – Married 1825

Golding/Golden/Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Updated 2017.08.05 Valentine Golden of (Queens) New York married Rachel Van Houten in Bergen, New Jersey on October 16th, 1825. Parents of both Valentine and Rachel have not yet been identified. One undocumented source lists his parents as being David Golden and Elizabeth Hambrick. His birth is listed as 1797. (1) Valentine … Read more

New England Marriages before 1699

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Goulding, William and Margaret Lake, married 2 Apr 1676 Westchester Co, NY — This family is well documented. Info on Ancestry. This Goulding family is believed to be descended from William Golding/Goldner who briefly stopped over in Virginia before continuing on to Long Island, … Read more