William Golden’s Militia Service – Revolutionary War, South Carolina

William Golden’s Militia Service – South Carolina Revolutionary War Former Virginian and Colonel of South Carolina Militia Philemon Waters was given the mission in 1781 to ‘recruit’ to support the revolutionary militia. This included recruiting loyalists to switch sides. Colonel Waters had a reputation of treating, and being treated by, local loyalists with respect and … Read more

Fannin, Georgia – Arzela Golden and her son Joseph Henry Golden, circa 1879-1883

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook We know that Arzela Moore Golden (1825-1886), first wife of Nathaniel Greene Golden (1812-c1882), lived in Fannin County, Georgia. But where? From tax records, we now have a good idea as to where she lived, within at least 10 miles per references to the Georgia militia … Read more

War of 1812 – Goldens that served

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Updated 2016.11.21 Aron S. Golden 3rd Regiment (Frelinghuysen’s) New Jersey Militia. Alexander Golden 43rd Regiment (Hamilton’s) Maryland Militia. Alexander Goulden — Private, Virginia Militia (1611202208) Andrew Golden 4th Regiment Virginia Militia. Barnett Goulding — Private, Virginia Militia (1611202208) Benjamin Golden 45th Regiment (Knickerbacker’s), New York Militia … Read more