James Franklin Gouldin (Goulding) receives Pardon from President Andrew Johnson, 9 Sep 1865

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James Franklin Gouldin (1830-1897), son of John W. (Armistead) Gouldin (1787-1863), whose own parents are unknown, and Elizabeth “Jane” Broaddus (1789-1863). These Gouldins were from Caroline County, Virginia. Family lore has it that they are descended from John Golding (1640-1684) of Gloucester, Virginia.

Spouse: James married Virginia Priscilla Motley (1837-1881), date of marriage is unrecorded.

Children: John L. “Jack” (1860), Myrtle (1863), Victoria B. (1865), Mattie M.(1869),  and James Robley (1871) Gouldin.

This family’s name was recorded as Goulding in the 1910 census, but was Gouldin in all prior and subsequent censuses.

For supporting the Confederacy, James Franklin Gouldin would seek pardon on May 23rd 1865, just over a month after General Lee surrendered to General Grant on April 12th at Appomattox Courthouse, just a short distance from Caroline County.

Application for Presidential Pardon
Application for Presidential Pardon

He would be granted a pardon in September 1865. This also required paying all back taxes due to the federal government from the war’s start. A pardon allowed full rights to be immediately restored.


Gouldin - James F - 1865 - Pardon by President Andrew Johnson - also went by name of Gaulding - Caroline County Virginia

James Franklin Gouldin would later be appointed as Postmaster of Rappahanock Academy, originally a military academy and the town around it, in Caroline County on May 6th 1874. The town kept its name after the academy closed.

Gouldin - James F - May 6 1874 - Appointment as Postmaster of Rappahannock Academy - Caroline County Virginia
James F Gouldin – May 6 1874 – Appointment as Postmaster of Rappahannock Academy – Caroline County Virginia

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