Johnathan Goulden of Riceboro, Georgia, c1830

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1830 Riceboro, Liberty Co., GeorgiaJohnathan Goulden is a sales and news agent for the national Baptist newspaper ‘The Columbian Star and Christian Index’ published at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1829-1830
>>> Jonathan Goulden can probably be found in family histories by the name ‘Jonathan Goulding‘ …. the Gouldings came from Dorchester, SC by the mid-1700s and from Dorchester, MA before that (before 1715). The family interchangeably used both the Goulding and Goulden name — with Goulden becoming dominate by the mid-1800s … and a number of family members later simplified that to ‘Golden’ in the years after the Civil War.
Johnathan Goulde

I do not know Jonathan’s parents but the Goulding family was closely associated with the Baptist ministry from the late 1700s. There were several well known senior Baptist ministers from this family by the name of Rev Thomas Goulding.
Rev. Thomas Goulding1786–1848
BIRTH 14 MAY 1786 • Liberty, Georgia, USA
DEATH 21 JUN 1848 • Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia, USA
A copy of this newspaper in book form is available at Google Books.
The Columbian Star and Christian Index

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