Lady Margaret “Margery” Golding de Vere (1528-1568): who is her real mother?

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Lady Margaret “Margery” Golding de Vere (1528-1568): who is her real mother?


John Golding, Esq. (1498-1547) is Margery’s father, and my 11th great grandfather.

John Golding married first Elizabeth Stowe (1502-1527) … although she is often listed in numerous genealogies as Elizabeth ‘Towe’ instead of Stowe.

Elizabeth has a firm date of December 26th, 1527 as her death.

>> MYSTERY >> In the ‘Dictionary of National Biography, Vol 1-20, 22, page 75 for Arthur Golding (my 10th great grandfather): ‘Margaret’ is described as Arthur’s half-sister, who married John de Vere, sixteenth earl of Oxford. For Margaret “Margery” to be a half-sister then Elizabeth Stowe should be her mother.

Soon after Elizabeth’s death, John Golding married Ursula Merston (1510-1539) and they had numerous children:

Henry Golding c.1528-1576 // Margery Golding c.1528-1568 // Frances Golding c.1530 – // Elizabeth Golding c.1530- // Sir Thomas Golding, c.1530-1573 // Arthur Golding, 1536-1606 // Edward Golding 1538-1572 // Mary Golding 1544- // George Golding 1545-1584

?? Henry Golding, son of John Golding, was also born on the edge of the two marriages. We know from his will that he referred to Arthur and George as his brothers; there being no reference to ‘half-brothers’.