Will of Henry Golding, Esquire, of Little Birch, Essex, England, 20 March 1575 … and a Shakespeare connection

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Prominent personalities mentioned within the will:

  • Henry Golding = 10th great grand uncle
  • Arthur Golding = 10th great grandfather
  • George Golding = 10th great grand uncle
  • Robert Waldegrave = a major printer and publisher of the time.  Association with Waldegrave was important for the Goldings as they had become somewhat of literary giants in their day. Arthur Golding and his son Percivil were major translators of works from Latin and French into English at Cambridge. Arthur Golding’s work is held to have even inspired and to have been the basis for Shakespeare‘s Ovid.
  • John Freelove = can find no record of him for this time period. However, the name appears frequently after 1750 through even today, with a John Freelove having a Facebook page; any relationship is unknown.
  • William Ayloff = Gentleman of Sudbury, who was Justice of the Peace for both Essex County and for Suffolk County.

Golding - Henry - 1576 - brother of Arthur Golding

Golding, Henry, of Little Birch, Essex, Esquire. 20 March, 1575. To the poor of the Parish where I happen to be buried 20/-  To the poor of Great and Little Birch and Estropp (Eastthorpe) 60/- equally between them.  To my wife Alice all my household goods, corn, cattle etc.  She to suffer the heirs of John Freelove quietly to enjoy the moiety of the Manor of Harsted, County Suffolk, which I sold to the said John Freelove. Whereas there is owing unto Mary Waldegrave by Nicolas Mynn L400 and by myself L160 my Executor to pay the same to my wife and my cousin William Ayloff to the use of the said Mary and she to be allow L10 of every hundred towards her living. Mentions that Mr. Robert Waldegrave stand bound to him in a pair of Indentures for the performance of certain convenants touching the said Mary.  To my wife for her life in consideration of her dower my Manor of Little Birch and other lands in little and Great Birch Copford Stanway and Layer de la Haye.  After her death to my brother Arthur Golding for his life and after to his son Henry Golding and his heirs. In default of issue to my brother George, in default to my brother William and in default to my right heirs for ever. To Elizabeth daughter of May Waldegrave L100. To my nephew Thomas Becke L20. The moiety of my Manor of Estropp and Great Birch and one tenement in Great Birch which I lately bought of one Waynewright and his wife to descend to my brother Arthur. In consideration of the payment of my debts my executor to have the lease of Campes (which I hold of the Right Hon. the Earl of Oxford) for a term ten years, and the residue of the term to my brother George he to be my executor. Wit: Nycholas Mynne, Thomas Aglionby, John Myners. On the 12 Feb. 1576 George Golding personally appeared and renounced probate. Administration granted to Arthur Golding brother of the deceased. (P.C.C. Daughtry, 8.)