Louis Golding (1895-1958) – Prolific British Writer and Screenwriter, Russian Immigrants

Louis Golding (b. 19 Nov 1895, Manchester, England — d. 9 Aug 1958, London). English novelist and essayist, an interpreter of British Jewish life.

Golding was the son of poor Jewish parents who had emigrated to Britain from Russia. His family are often referred to as Ukrainian Jews. Father: Philip Golding, b.1859-d.1916. Mother: Yetta Golding, b.1862-aft 1911.

Thomas Golding (b1857) of Old Shelf Cottages, Lenham, Kent, England and the German ME-110 that killed a cow

Thomas Golding (born 1857) and some of his descendants, lived at Old Shelf Cottages, Lenham, Kent, England, UK.

During the Battle of Britain, in 1940, a German Messerschmidt ME-110 aircraft was shot down and made a perfect pancake landing at Old Shelve Farm. The plane killed a cow. An eyewitness account from a man called Stan Froud who was a little boy on the neighbouring farm said:

Edward & Maria Gee Golding from England to Australia

Thank you to Michelle Thompson for sharing photos of her Golding great-grandparents. Edward and Maria Gee Golding from Cambridgeshire England at some time after immigrating to South Australia. Jacob Golding, son of Edward and Maria Gee Golding with wife Rebecca Ann Taylor and daughter Priscilla Golding.  — Photos from collection of Michelle Thompson, great-great-grandaughter of Priscilla Golding

James Goulden of Glossop, England searches for his siblings in Ohio, 1874

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WANTED – YDNA Test for Thomas Goulden of Cheshire, England and Edgefield, South Carolina

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Josephine Golding, Salt Lake City, Utah – Circa early 1920s

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Josephine Golding, 1920s, Salt Lake City, Utah — Josephine was probably born between 1897-1904 … am just guessing that she is in her late teens or early 20s. Found this photo in the Utah Archives Online. I do not know which Golding family she … Read more