Louis Golding (1895-1958) – Prolific British Writer and Screenwriter, Russian Immigrants

Louis Golding (b. 19 Nov 1895, Manchester, England — d. 9 Aug 1958, London). English novelist and essayist, an interpreter of British Jewish life.

Golding was the son of poor Jewish parents who had emigrated to Britain from Russia. His family are often referred to as Ukrainian Jews. Father: Philip Golding, b.1859-d.1916. Mother: Yetta Golding, b.1862-aft 1911.

Immigration from Russia took place about 1894. Son Abram was born in 1893 in Russia and Louis was born in 1895 in Manchester, England.

NOTE: While various sources refer to the Goldings as a Ukrainian Jewish family, I have seen no source for this. It could be. However, where evidence exists, my experience has been that Jewish Goldings come from the Baltic region in the vicinity of what is today Kuldiga, Latvia, which was formerly known as Golding (Goldingen) when it was part of Germany (Prussia) from the 13th century until the end of World War I. So in these situations you have many people that are named Golding, but their family name indicates really that they are ‘from Golding’. This form of locational surname can make it difficult to track backwards in building genealogies.

The 1901 census for Manchester contains several children in the family that were not present in the 1911 count, two daughters: Edith (b.1882) and Lena (b.1888).

Per the 1911 census, the family lived at 16 Howard St Bury New Rd, North Manchester, England. His father was a Hebrew teacher. There was one sister Jane (b.1886-aft 1911) and two brothers: Abram (1893-1962) and Jacob (b.1899-aft 1911, “Jack”).

During World War I, Louis served and fought in the Salonika campaign.

Louis attended Queens College, Oxford, where he first began to write. He published his first novel ‘Forward from Babylon‘ in 1920. After graduating in 1925 and leaving Oxford, he traveled widely in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Golding produced at least one book each year. The best known as ‘Magnolia Street‘ (1932).

One of Louis’ books is 1938’s ‘The Jewish Problem‘, which was not about problems with Jews but their experience through history. While this book was timely for what was happening throughout much of Europe, and about to happen, this book remains popular today among collectors.

Many of Louis Golding’s books remain popular, especially among collectors, and his books can often be found on eBay.


Just after writing Hitler Through the Ages (1939, non-fiction), Louis appears to have come to New York and collaborated on a number of projects to include working with Paul Robeson in the film The Proud Valley (1940). Robeson was often portrayed in the media as a Communist sympathizer.

The Proud Valley’s script was written by Louis Golding with the help of the novelist Jack Jones. Supposedly Louis Golding encountered problems with his visa shortly thereafter.

By 1942, Louis Golding was living in Manhattan, New York at 170 Brooklyn Ave, Kings, New York and registered for military service.

His registration card noted that he had no middle name or initial.


There were MANY Louis Goldings living in New York during this same time period so sorting through them all can be challenging … as a number also have Russian lineages and were born in 1895 or within a year or so.

At some point, Louis returned to England, where he passed away in 1958 in London.

I can find no record of Louis Golding having married and/or having children.

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