Marriage Licenses issued at Canterbury, England 1632-1714 for applicants named Golding

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The following are marriage licences issued by the  Faculty office, 1632-1714, Canterbury for applicants named Golding. There were no applicants named Golden.

1662 Jan – John Golding and Mary Collins
1681 Oct – Stephen Flood and Judith Golding
1682 May – Edward Golding and Mary Lawford
1682 Nov – James Golding and Martha Woodward
1694 Sep – Jonadab Taller with Mary Golding
1696-7 Feb – Henry Golding with Mary Cole
1696-7 Feb – John Burges with Mary Golding
>>> No explanation was given as to why the year was listed as 1696-7.
1696 May – Richard Gearing with Lydia Golding
1698 Dec – John Golding and Alice Hands
1699 Jun – Edward Golding and Mary Cuffe
1700 Aug – John Viall and Easter Golding
1701 Dec – Edmund Draper and Mary Golding
1703 Aug – Richard Halford and Elizabeth Golding
1704 Sep – Edward Golding and Ganer Gunnis
1706 Sep – John Mugg and Elizabeth Golding
1707 May – Christopher Golden and Elizabeth Wilds
1710 Aug – John Turner and Mary Golding

Source: Calendar of marriage licences issued by the  Faculty office, 1632-1714, Canterbury – by George Edward Cokayne — available as a FREE ebook from Google Books.

Calendar of Marriage Licenses issed by the Faculty Office 1632-1714