Percival Golding, Jr – 1608 to 1680

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Updated 2014.04.24

Percival Golding’s (1608-1680) parents were Percival Golding (1579 – 1635) and Emily Farmer (1580 – 1640).

Percival married a Katherine (family unknown but possibly ‘Hill’) and had as many as eight children to include Arthur, Dorothy, Eliza, William, Gideon (1625-1686), and Ephraim (1663-1707)

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At the time of Percival’s birth (1608, Essex County, England), his father Percival Golding was publishing a translation from Latin of the ‘Abridgement of the Chronicle of Sir John Frossard‘. Percival Sr’s father, Arthur Golding, was considered a master of Latin translation and it may well be that Percival Sr finished was Arthur had started — as Arthur died unexpected in 1605, probably due to pneumonia while on a trip to Scotland. Percival Jr., was himself considered to be an accomplished translator and earned his living until his end days as a ‘schoolmaster’ who taught both French and Latin. Percival Golding was christened in August 1608 at St Andrew, Holborn, Essex, England as Percivall Gouldings, son of Percivall Gouldings.  No mother’s name is listed. Golding, Percival - 1608 August Christening log entry Location of the christening is shown below in its location within the church log book. Golding Percival - 1608 August Christening book There is some (very) small controversy however as to whether Percival’s father was really the Rev. William Golding (Gouldings), as this is the relationship recorded within the legal will of Gilbert Hill of Warwick (Bermuda) August 28, 1661: “… JAMES HILL married a daughter of PERCIVAL GOULDING, schoolmaster, a son of Rev. WILLIAM GOULDING. …” — Source: Page 91, ‘Bermuda Settlers of the 17th Century: Genealogical Notes from Bermuda’ by Julia A. Mercer. Golding Percival - 1608 - parentage questions

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