Background on the Will of Gideon Golding, brother of Percival ‘The Schoolmaster’

Updated 2015.07.22 Gideon Golding, a Planter in Bermuda left a Will, dated 1686 in which he stated his brother’s name was Percival.  The source of the information below is from  THE GOLDING FAMILY GENFORUM and it confirms that this same Gideon was the brother of Percival “the schoolmaster” Golding. Gideon and Percival also had a … Read more

Percival Golding, Jr – 1608 to 1680

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Updated 2014.04.24 Percival Golding’s (1608-1680) parents were Percival Golding (1579 – 1635) and Emily Farmer (1580 – 1640). Percival married a Katherine (family unknown but possibly ‘Hill’) and had as many as eight children to include Arthur, Dorothy, Eliza, William, Gideon (1625-1686), and Ephraim (1663-1707) YDNA: A YDNA … Read more