New England Marriages before 1699

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Tree of LifeGoulding, William and Margaret Lake, married 2 Apr 1676 Westchester Co, NY

— This family is well documented. Info on Ancestry. This Goulding family is believed to be descended from William Golding/Goldner who briefly stopped over in Virginia before continuing on to Long Island, New York in 1635. William was born in 1613 in Blatherwick, Northhamptonshire, England.

— Many family histories claim that William was of Irish descent. A YDNA test result exists for one claimed descendant. YDNA haplotype: R1a1a R-M512, probably not Irish; very rare (< 1%) anywhere in the British Isles. A YDNA test will be needed from a second male Goulding descendant before we know whether R-M512 is correctly assigned.

Gourden, Abram and Abigail Towers, married 5 January 1692, Boston, Mass.

— No Ancestry family history exists.

Gourden, Abraham and Sarah Hodder, married 12 May 1698, Boston, Mass.

— No Ancestry family history exists. This may be the same Abraham Gourden that married Abigail Towers.

Source: American Marriage Records Before 1699, by William Montgomery Clemens, 1926

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