Richard Golden (of County Tyrone) Descendants – a Family Reunion Letter from Carol Golden

Greetings Family,

As I reflect over all the new faces met at this year’s Golden reunion and those I have met on facebook on my personal page and on the Stephen Golden Facebook page  and The Golden Family Facebook page genealogy pages I’m so very grateful for our family. I heard a man on the radio speaking about keeping family together and bringing back the closeness that was once among families. I thought first of my personal family and ways I could make it a stronger bond; and also of how I could strengthen our BIG Golden family too. Facebook had offered us this opportunity and so has email and before that the telephone. I do have an attitude of gratitude for all of the means to reach out to everyone.

Together we have not only come together as a family we have shared what we know about the family so the younger generations know their history. We have also given our extra money to keep the reunion alive and mark our ancestors graves for the next generations. In December of 1997 we paid for a fence that was placed around the old Golden Cemetery, by our families labor, thank you everyone. Again in 2000 we collected enough money to place foot stones on Stephen and Hannah Helms Golden’s graves. BIG Accomplishments! Since the beginning of the reunions in 1996 we have come up with enough money to have the reunion each year, pay to have the cemetery grass mowed and other needed items for it’s up keep. We even donated a copy of a portrait of Stephen and Susannah Golden to the Whitley County Historical Rail Road Museum for display.

The search continues for the burial site of James Golden born 1807-1871, Thomas Lowe Golden born 1811-aft 1870, Nancy Golden Teague born 1813-1850, Solomon Golden born 1814-dead by 1871, Millie Golden born 1815-aft 1857 and Sarah Golden Goodin born 1820-aft 1870. We do know where the other children of Stephen and Hannah Golden are buried, George Irven McFarland Golden born 1817-aft 1870 is in the Golden Cemetery off Highway 92 at Greasy Creek, Mary “Winnie” Golden Bray is at Pleasant View Cemetery in Pleasant View, Whitley County KY. Just last year Ray Golden found the obituary for Stephen Golden born 1822-1904 showing him in the Sowders/Campbell Cemetery at Brush Creek.

Many years ago an older family member had pointed out to this writer two old field stones in the Sowders/Campbell Cemetery that were suspected to be Stephen and Susannah Golden’s graves and the obituary confirmed that he is in fact buried at this same cemetery. Since Ray found the obituary confirming this I’ve been asking for any extra money you can give toward stones for these graves. It’s estimated that we will need $900.00 to purchase two stones, and so far I have collected $265. Thank you Mary Mink, Ray & Wanda Golden, Cecil & Della Brewer, Sarah & Wayne Robertson, Ronnee Golden Ramon, Roxie Golden Nance and Troy Vernon Golden for your contributions. I keep an update of how we are doing and special thank you on the web site:

I am asking once again for your money contributions. Lets come together and raise the remaining $635.00 get the stones in place NOW. During the 2015 we as a family can visit Stephen and Susannah Crawford Golden’s graves and pay our respects…..sharing with the next generations how we helped and where they are buried. Mail checks to me and I’ll keep the web site updated and let you know how we are progressing. Be sure and visit the facebook pages and the web site for our family to learn more!

Love from me to each and everyone reading this message.

Best regards,

Carol Golden
530 Old Johnston Valley Road
Kingston, TN 37762
Email: goldencj @

daughter of Otis and Cornelia (Bingham) Golden
granddaughter to Floyd Golden and Laura (Campbell) Golden and Tobe and Bell ( Mills) Bingham
great granddaughter to Steve Golden and Catherine (Carter) Golden and William and Sarah (Moore) Campbell / Wolford Bingham and Nancy (Warren, Patterson) Bingham and William Mills and Cornelia (Miller) More lines available upon request.
great great granddaughter to James Golden and Catherin York
and great great great granddaughter to Stephen Golden and Susannah Crawford
and great great great great granddaughter to Stephen Golden and Hannah Helms
and great great great great great granddaughter to Richard Golding/Golden