Richard Golding, d1750 King George County, Virginia

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Richard Golding exists in a number of genealogies, but evidence for his existence is almost non-existent.

A Richard Golding died intestate about 1750 in King George County, Virginia. From his 7 Sep 1750 probate we know that his wife was named Mary.

>> There are no known genealogies claiming descent back to Richard Golding.

Is this Richard the second son of John Golding and Elizabeth Ripley? While that may not be provable, time and place makes it a very strong possibility.

This 1750 probate is the first evidence that Richard existed, although he has been listed in some Golding family genealogies for many years.

Richard Golding, d1750 King George Virginia USA

Per various genealogies:

Richard Griffin Golding
BIRTH 1681 • Gloucester, Gloucester, Virginia
DEATH 7 SEP 1750 • King George County, Virginia

— Middle name of ‘Griffin’ exists in genealogies, but origin or authenticity of ‘Griffin’ is unknown. Richard’s death and probate is only known evidence that he existed. Perhaps it is a clue to other family members’ history.

— It has long been claimed that John Golding (1640-1684) and Elizabeth Ripley (1638-1725) had two sons: John b1674 and Richard b1681.


Was able to connect with a Turner family and King George Historian.

The Turners were an important family at this time in King George County. While Richard Golding lived his last years in or near to King George County, Virginia, there appear to be no other records for him.

>>> Per Michael Longmire, King George genealogist and historian:

“… the Turners were given administration in many wills, estates, and such forth due to their position as Clerks of the court. Many times they were also the largest creditor or were very familiar with who was in instances where this came up due to their store accounts which were usually linked to the county tithes and parish claims. Curiously, I find no mention of the Goldings in the 1730’s nor the 1740’s in King George County. Given the birthdates I would imagine that they were from another county. I do not recall them in any court records and I am very familiar with those and the store accounts of the Turners as my ancestor, William Longmire, was pretty much their right hand man in such matters. … “

>>> As noted, perhaps the Goldings were from another county. Yes, just across the river, many Goldings and Gouldins and Gouldings lived and still live there today in modern Caroline County.

MAP - Virginia - Richard Golding d c1750 --- married to Mary

Gouldins and Goldings

Descendants of Richard Golding may have become Gouldins … especially considering the close relationship to the Turner family of both King George and Essex County, Virginia — both being just across the Rappahanock River from one another.

YDNA testing shows that the Goldings and Gouldins of Essex, Caroline and surrounding counties are from the same male line … although neither’s genealogies include the other, other than the claim that William Golding had a brother named Richard Griffin Golding.

It is most likely that the Gouldins descend from the King George County area Richard Griffin Golding, probable brother to William Golding c1704 VA – 1782 SC who married Elizabeth Foster.

Most Gouldin genealogies begin in the early 1800s and offer no clue as to their origin. YDNA says …

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