Robert Golding, Jr – Last Will – 1826 – Newberry District – South Carolina

Below is the last will and wishes of Robert Golding, Jr., probable son of Robert Golding, Sr. (1740-1835) and Sarah Estes (1740-1800), and grandson of  William Golding (1704-1782) and Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775).

Within the Will only one person is named; the executor is to be Reuben Golding, Jr. The Will was proved on February 14th, 1825 and recorded on May 25th, 1826 at Newberry District, South Carolina. Robert has a wife and children but they are not named within the Will.

There appears to be a military and/or militia link between the Golding family and the witnesses to this Will.

Witnesses Joshua Pitts and Samuel Davison served in Nash’s Regiment SC Volunteers during the War of 1812. Thomas Golding is also a witness, and Reuben Golding Jr., is named executor. Neither are listed as serving with Pitts and Davison, although there were three possible Golding relatives that did:

  • Golden, John, Private
  • Golding, John, Private
  • Golding, Richard, Private

If the Robert Golding of this Will is the son of Robert Golding (1740-1835) then witness Thomas Golding is probably Robert Jr’s uncle.

John Golding, probably the John Golding that served alongside Joshua Pitts and Samuel Davison, is also Robert Jr.’s uncle.

Thomas’ brother is Reuben, so Reuben would also be an uncle — within the Will, Reuben is referred to as ‘Jr’. Junior did not always mean ‘son of’ but it could mean ‘the younger of the same name within the same community’. Reuben Golding Sr would be Robert Jr’s great uncle, son of William Golding and Elizabeth Foster, who lived in the area until he passed in 1835.

Golding - Robert Jr - 1826 - Last Will - Newberry District - South Carolina -- UPPER halfLast Will of Robert Golding

SOURCE: South Carolina Archives (Online). 1826 May 25 – Robert Golding, Jr., of Newberry District, Will typescript (MSS Will: Estate Record Book I, pages 339-340) (1 Frame). SC Archives; transcript of will shown below. Also see Series: S108093 Reel: 0019 Frame: 00393.