Who was Peter Goulding, hung at Albany, New York in May 1756?

Below are some Gouldings listed in New England newspapers from before 1800: Goulding, George, Esq., at E. Greenwich, RI, a wealthy merchant (see obituary), Nov 24, 1742. —– There is good documentation for the Goulding family but conflicting information as to whom was George’s father: Roger or Robert Goulding? Goulding, John, Col., at Grafton, issue … Read more

George Golding – Jamestown – and notes on other early Jamestown Golding/Gouldings of possible relation

Golding/Golden/Goulding Family History on Facebook Commentary by Catherine Gauldin George Golding did not survive according to the information I have about him. He was probably a relation of Bartholomew Gosnold. Below is all of the information I have regarding the Goulding/Golding immigrants to Jamestown. I’m looking for more information about THOMAS GOLDING/GOULDING, listed in the … Read more

George Golding – A 1607 First Wave Jamestown, Virginian

Golding/Golden/Goulding Family History on Facebook George Golding (or Goulding) was among the very first settlers at Jamestown in 1607. His Virginia Company status was ‘Laborer’. Each member of the 1607 Jamestown settlement (almost all men) had specific roles to play within the company. While laborer seems rather trivial, there were only 13 designated laborers and … Read more