St Phillips Church, Charleston, South Carolina

St Phillips Church (Episcopal/Anglican), Charleston, South Carolina, founded 1680 and what you see today of the sanctuary was built in 1836. During mid-March 2014 I went in search of Goldings. The earliest identified Golding in Charleston is Peter Golding, 1716 and he continued to live in the area through at least 1730. He has no … Read more

Saint Dunstan’s Parish Registry Book, Canterbury, 1559-1800.

I have excerpted pages from The register booke of christeninges, marriages and burialls in Saint Dunstan’s, Canterbury, 1559-1800 that involve Goldings. The entire parish registry is available online as a searchable ebook available from Below are the Goldings that are listed within the parish registry — my excerpt of pages (PDF) related to Goldings. … Read more