Thomas Golden – 24th New York Cavalry – KIA June 26th, 1864

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Thomas Golden

Corporal, 24th New York Cavalry, Death: June 26, 1864
Original Burial Place: Fort Hell, Petersburg, Virginia. Gravestone Number: 1671

Thomas Golden died during the siege of Petersburg, Virginia. Although he belonged to a cavalry unit, the unit was not assigned horses until October 1864. The unit fought as light infantry at a place called Fort Sedgewick … aka Fort Hell.

Golden - Thomas - New York - 1864 Civ War KIA grave marker

The regiment was organized at Auburn, New York in the fall of 1863.  Most of its men came from the central and western counties of the state.

The 24th New York participated in Grant’s final campaign through Virginia. Engagements: Battle of the Wilderness in May of 1864; Siege of Petersburg and the disastrous mine explosion; Surrender of Lee at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865.

Brief historical account of the regiment in campaign

Photos of what Fort Hell looked like during the siege of Petersburg

 Fort Sedgwick aka Fort Hell, 1865 - Petersburg Virginia

Fort Sedgwick aka Fort Hell, 1865 – Petersburg Virginia.

Shown are troops of the 114th Pennsylvania Infantry.