Tracking Nathaniel Greene Golden, 1812-1882

Updated 2014.07.28

Nathaniel Greene “Samuel” Golden (NGG) is my gggrandfather.

Below is an outline of what we know of his life. We somewhat know a lot and in many respects we know very little. If you have information on NGG please contact me:

Nathaniel Green Golden

——>> 1807-1812: The local newspaper of the day was Miller’s Weekly Messenger (Pendleton, SC), available online via

–>> 1810 Misc Contextual Historical Notes: 1810 Census of Golden families

1812 – Birth, South Carolina (SC). He was probably born in present day Anderson, Pickens or Oconee County, SC. There has never been confirmation of this but this is where he lived (Pickens) while in his teens (pre-1830) and early adulthood.

——>> 1812-1851: The local newspaper of the day was the Pendleton Messenger, available online via

——>> 1826: The ‘Pendleton District’ was broken into counties/districts: Anderson, Pickens and Oconee. These areas went by their official new names as of 1828.

1830 (Age: 18) – Residence: Pickens, SC. Data resources about Pickens, SC.

1839 Nov 1 (Age 27) – Pickens District, Pickens:   John W. Smith sold to Nathaniel G. Golden 200 acres; witnessed by Richard Golden — oddly the document refers within it: “… vacant land when surveyed originally grant to Nathanel Golden as a bouty on the 21st January 1785 and Recorded Book Vol. 2-2d …

1840 Mar 3 (Age 28) – Pickens District, Pickens:  Nathaniel G. Golden sold to William L. Keith 200 acres. Isabella Golden confirmed her approval to sell the land on 28 Nov 1840.

1845 Apr 24 (Age 33) – Pickens District, Pickens: Elizabeth Gordon sold 150 acres to Rachel Golden; witnessed by Jane Golden and John Smith on 23 Mar 1845; Nathaniel G Golden later attested to this purchase on 24 Apr 1845.

–>> c1846, South Carolina, son born: Frederick N(athaniel) Golden

1846 Nov 11 (Age 34) – Pickens District, Pickens:  Bred Massengail sold 160 acres to Richard Golden; witnessed by ‘Capt’ N.G. Golden.

–>> c1847, South Carolina, son born: Marcus L Golden

1850 Aug 26 (Age 38) – Western Division, Pickens: Name spelt Goulding in 1850 Census.

–>> c1850, South Carolina, daughter born: Eliza Melone Golden

1850 Sep 18 (Age 38) – Pickens District, Pickens: Jeptha Norton sold one acre of Tunnel Hill to N.G. Golden.

–>> 1852 Mar 7, South Carolina, daughter born: Mary Margerate Golden

–>> 1853 May 26, South Carolina, son born: Richard Burton “Dick” Golden

–>> 1854 May, South Carolina, daughter born: Sarah Elizabeth Golden // If the 1860 census is correct, and the Goudy family is really Golden, then Sarah was born about 1851.

–>> 1855, South Carolina, son born: Richard Golden

–>> 1858 Mar 18, Fannin, Georgia, son born: Joseph Henry Golden

–>> 1860 May 1, South Carolina, daughter born: Martha J Golden

1860 July 7 (Age 48) – Residence in 1860 census: District 8, Polk, Tennessee (TN).

–>> 1862 Jun 16, McMinn TN, son born: Nathaniel Green “Green” Golden Jr.

–>> 1864 Feb: son Marcus L Golden (b1847) joins the 12th Tennessee Calvary (Mounted Infantry) Regiment, Union Army. Marcus is wounded in the battle at Pulaski, Tennessee on September 27th, 1864 and dies on October 10th.

–>> 1866 May 24, McMinn TN, son born: John Hambright “Henry” Golden

–>> c1867 — met Elizabeth Jane Sosebee; was listed in 1870 census as ‘Elizabeth Jane Sosebee’ and she lived at Militia District 980, Morganton, Fannin, Georgia, with her siblings: Sarah, William, Mary, John and Martha Sosebee.

–>> 1868 Jul 17, Georgia, son born: John Dillard Golden. Mother: Elizabeth Jane Sosebee.

1870 (Age 58) – Residence in 1870 census: District 9 (Athens), McMinn, TN. Was still living with first wife, Arzela Moore, at this time, although one child by Elizabeth Jane Sosebee had been born by 1870.

–>> 1872 Apr 29, Georgia, daughter born: Sarah Ellen Golden. Mother: Elizabeth Jane Sosebee.

–>> 1877 Sep 14, Cheoah, Graham, North Carolina, daughter born: Amanda Jane Minnie Golden. Mother: Elizabeth Jane Sosebee.

1880 (Age 68) – Residence in 1880 census: Cheoah, Graham, North Carolina (NC). Now married or partnered with Elizabeth Jane Sosebee; listed as spouse on census.

–>> 1880 Misc Contextual Historical Notes: Dr Granville Davis

–>> 1880 Jun 7 census: Arzela Moore Golden now living at Caldwell, Fannin, Georgia. Reports ‘self’ as head of household. Also living with her were her children: Mary M., Sarah E., Martha J., Nathaniel G Jr., John H., and one grandchild: John H.

–>> 1882 Dec, North Carolina, daughter born: Crela Golden. Mother: Elizabeth Jane Sosebee.

1882/3 (Age 70/71) – Death. there is no record of his death, as to where he died or how he died. It was remembered by family that he was buried at Indian Gap Cemetery, Yancey County, NC. // There does not appear to be such a cemetery.  What if the cemetary were really not in Yancey but on the road between his first family in Fannin, Georgia and his second family in Cheoah, Graham County, North Carolina?!

Indian Gap Road and Nathaniel Green Golden