Who is William Goulding of 1st Spartan Regiment, South Carolina?

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Who is William Goulding that served in the Spartanburg, South Carolina 1st Spartan Regiment, Revolutionary War?

While not listed as serving in any Continental Line Revolutionary War units, William Goulding is rostered as serving in the South Carolina militia roster for the 1st Spartan Regiment. This was the successor to the Upper Saluda Regiment (Militia) organized during the French & Indian War (1756), and which existed until 1776.

The Upper Saluda Regiment reorganized in 1776 when the Regiment commander (Col. Thomas Fletchall) resigned his commission due to being a loyalist. Colonel Fletchall had taken command of the regiment in 1769 and resigned ‘under pressure’ as rebel forces arrested and imprisoned him from December 1775-July 1776.

>>Special Note: Col Fletchall may be a key to learning more about our Goldens. Fletchall moved to the Ninety-Six District about 1755 from Maryland. He was a Justice of the Peace, and an important land owner. Lots of documentation was left from his time in the Upper Saluda area. As Justice of the Peace he would have been involved in various legal matters.


William Goulding’s service is noted as:

“Served under Lt. Col./Col. Philemon Waters after the Fall of Charleston.  Unit and dates unknown.”

Note: The Fall of Charleston was mid-May 1780.

A very general history of the regiment is available online. Not much documentation exists as to where the troops for the 1st and 2nd Spartan Regiments came from other than the Spartanburg, South Carolina area.

The 1st and 2nd Spartan Regiments were formed when The Spartan Regiment reorganized in early 1777. Prior to 1777, the unit was known as The Upper Saluda District Regiment of Militia.

>>Special Note: Colonel Waters may also be an important person to research in learning more about our Goldens. He had a long history in the area (since 1753) and his name appears on numerous documents as he was both a surveyor and a tax collector after the war.


My grandfather of the period William Goulden / Goulding / Golden lived on Beaver Dam Creek, joining Cloud Creek just as it fed into the Saluda River, just opposite the banks of what became Newberry County.

Also serving in this regiment was Robert Burton “Burt” Moore, 1756-1836, grandfather to Arzela Moore, 1825-1886, who married William Goulding/Goulden/Golden’s grandson Nathaniel Greene Golden, 1812-1882/3. The Moores was originally Virginians as were many members of the Spartan Regiment, to include its commander Col Philemon Waters.


How Many Goldens were there in the area?

I know of only two Golden/Golding families in this area. My own (William Golden, c1750-1808/9) and the elder William Golding (1704-1782), husband to Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775). Several of William Golding’s son, Richard and Reuben, served in the Virginia Continental Line.

>>> There was also a Thomas Goulden / Goulding / Golden family that had first settled in the area in 1761, gaining a land grant in 1763. I suspect that we are related to this Thomas — although I have no evidence for that.

William Golding and his son Anthony Foster Golding also receive formal recognition for their Revolutionary War service (provided wagon logistics services for approximately 90-120 days). Since William Golding would have been 76 years old in 1780 then it is very unlikely that he was slogging along with the 1st Spartan Regiment.

William Golding (1704-1782) had a son named William Golding (1730-1812)  who would have been of appropriate age to serve in 1780 (age 50 — not an uncommon age to soldier). However, the younger William Golding did not migrate to South Carolina with the family in the early 1770s, remaining in Orange County, Virginia.

William Golding the younger (b1730 VA) also had a son named William, born in 1766. This younger William grew up in Orange County, Virginia during early years of the Revolutionary War and moved to Surry County, North Carolina around 1785-1786. So this William would have both been too young and he lived not in any vicinity of South Carolina during the time in question (1780-1782).

The Question

Who is William Goulding that served in the Spartanburg, South Carolina 1st Spartan Regiment, Revolutionary War?

South Carolina militia - Revolutionary War
South Carolina militia flag, Revolutionary War

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