Will of Thomas Goulding, Carteret County, North Carolina – 1792

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Will of Thomas Goulding, Carteret County, North Carolina – 1792

Mentioned specifically within the will was Thomas’ wife Elizabeth (nee Cook, 1730 – 1800) and his children:

  • David (Goulding, 17?? – ??)
  • Elamuel (Goulding, 17?? – ??)
  • Elizabeth (Goulding, 17?? – ??)
  • George (Washington Goulding, 1776 – 1860)
  • John, Goulding, 17?? – ??)
  • Mary (Goulding, 17?? – ??)
  • Sarah (Goulding, 17?? – ??)
  • Thomas (Goulding, 17?? – ??)

I assume that all of the children were born before 1776 as that would make them at least age 16 in 1792. Property generally could not be conveyed to anyone under the age of 16. There is no reference to any land being held until a child reached age so it is a safe assumption that all were born before 1776.

Elamuel and Thomas were named executors. This would normally fall to the older of offspring.


The parents of Thomas Goulding Jr are noted as being Thomas Goulding Sr (1695 – 1789) and Sarah Connor (1700 – aft 1720, 1720 is when Thomas was born).

Both Thomas Sr and Jr are shown in family histories to have been born at Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts. This may be so but Holden was not formed until 1741, long after both were born.

There ARE many Gouldings from Worcester, Massachusetts at the time of Thomas Sr’s birth. These Goulding generally descend from Captain Peter Goulding and Captain Palmer Goulding.


Below is a popular excerption from the Will of Thomas Goulding, dated Dec. 12, 1792 – Proved in Court, August  1793

In the name of God Amen, I Thomas Goulding of Carteret County, being very sick and low In body but of perfect mind and memory. I give to my beloved wife one hundread acres of land where I now live during her life and at her death to my son John. To son Thomas 50 acres where he now lives. To my son Elamuel 50 acres on west side of Long Bay. To daughter Sarah, 100 acres beginning at the Little Gut. To my daughter Elizabeth Smith 50 acres where she now lives. To sons George and David, all my land In Caduging Neck equally divided. To daughter May 25 acres In the swamp and 50 acres pine land. Wife Elizabeth, Elamuel and Thomas Goulding to be executors.

Witnessed: Asa Bishop, James Morse, Thomas Goulding (seal)


A full version of  Thomas Goulding Jr’s will is available via this PDF.


Carteret County, North Carolina

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