John Golding of Gloucester, Virginia 1651 / Who were his parents?

Golding/Golden/Goulding Family History on Facebook Updated 2015.02.22 / Significant revisions! Who were the parents of John Golding that came as an imported person in 1651 to Gloucester, Virginia with Richard Ripley? Conjecture My belief is that John’s father’s name was William Golding, and that he was possibly the Rev. William Golding/Goulding (hereafter ‘Golding’) of Massachusetts, having … Read more

Background on the Will of Gideon Golding, brother of Percival ‘The Schoolmaster’

Updated 2015.07.22 Gideon Golding, a Planter in Bermuda left a Will, dated 1686 in which he stated his brother’s name was Percival.  The source of the information below is from  THE GOLDING FAMILY GENFORUM and it confirms that this same Gideon was the brother of Percival “the schoolmaster” Golding. Gideon and Percival also had a … Read more

Gideon Golding prepares for death – is concerned for his slave Baddue’s freedom

Golding/Golden on Facebook / My Family History Notes Updated 2017.03.31 Before immigrating from England to America it appears that the Golding family of Essex/Suffolk England migrated first to the Caribbean. These Goldings descend from the famed Arthur Golding of English literary history. One branch immigrated by way of Barbados and Bermuda before settling into New York. … Read more