Goldings of Virginia before they became Goldens of South Carolina

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The Golding and Foster families had numerous intermarriages while living in Virginia. The Golding and Tinsley families were also close, with one Revolutionary war member of the Tinsley family even being named Golding Tinsley.

All three families migrated together en mass from Virginia to South Carolina just prior to or during the very early years of the Revolutionary War.

  • GOLDING, Anthony b: 1745 in Orange, Virginia d: 1800 in South Carolina
  • GOLDING, Elizabeth b: 1732 in Essex, Virginia d: 1802 in Newberry, South Carolina
  • GOLDING, Isabella b: between 1690-99 in Essex, Virginia d: 4 Jun 1747 in Orange, Virginia
  • GOLDING, James b: 1740 in Virginia
  • GOLDING, John b: 1670 in Gloucester, Virginia d: 1734 in Caroline, Virginia
  • GOLDING, John b: 1736 in Essex, Virginia d: 1814 in Laurens, South Carolina
  • GOLDING, Mary b: 1750 in Orange, Virginia d: 1837 in New Berry, South Carolina
  • GOLDING, Mildred b: 1734 in Essex, Virginia d: 1797 in Carolina, Carolina, Puerto Rico
  • GOLDING, Reuben b: 1742 in Orange, Virginia d: 4 Mar 1835 in Laurens, South Carolina
  • GOLDING, Richard b: 1744 in Orange, Virginia d: Oct 1788 in Abbeville, South Carolina
  • GOLDING, Robert b: 1738 in Virginia d: Jun 1828 in New Berry, South Carolina
  • GOLDING, Sarah b: 1740 in Orange, Virginia d: 30 Jun 1812 in Cross Anchor, Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • GOLDING, John William M b: 1705 in Essex, Virginia d: 23 Sep 1782 in Ninety Six, Greenwood, South Carolina.
    — Appears to have gone by the name of William in Virginia but was recognized for his Revolutionary War contribution as John. It was seem that the combination of John William as either an official or unofficial first name combination probably goes all the way back to 1598 with various records indicating that William Leftridge Golden and John Golden as both being born in the same year and both marrying the same woman: Joyce Thompson.

Note: Not all Goldings changed their name to Golden. Those that did primarily came from the line of Richard Golding 1744, Richard Golding 1775, Nathaniel Green 1812.