Green Golden – Oct 20, 1918 – Corbin, Kentucky – Found shot through head

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Squire Green Golden of Corbin, Kentucky

Corbin is a city that straddles the line between Whitley and Knox counties in the southeastern portion of Kentucky. Corbin is the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I can find no history for Squire Green Golden … there was another Green in the area at the same time, Green Adams Golden, but the other Green died in1921.

There is no information on the race or age of  Squire Green Golden. At the time of his death there were significant racial issues in the area. Corbin itself was a “sundown town” —  a town, city or neighborhood that was purposely all-white. The term came from the requirement that people of color had to leave the town by sundown. They are also sometimes known as “sunset towns” or “gray towns”. Since Ican find no further information on this Golden then his death, and knowledge about his family, remains an unsolved mystery. My inclusion of information about Corbin at the time Squire Green Golden’s death is meant only to convey that Corbin was a tough town at the time.

Golden - Green - 1918 Oct 20 - Found shot through head at Olive Hill coal tipple Kentucky
From the Ancestry joannegoldenhill collection.

Corbin, Kentucky – October 20, 1918 — Squire Green Golden, night watchman at Olive Hill coal tipple, was found dead, shot through the head. There is no clue to the assassin.

Note: A coal tipple — a tipple is what loads coal onto trains. Below is an example of a coal tipple.

Consolidation Coal Company, Mine Number 25, Coalwood, West Virginia
Photo Date: November 6, 1932
Norfolk & Western Historical Photos
This would later be purchased by Olga Coal Company and would become Olga Tipple #1.


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