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The William Moody Golden line begins about 1795 in the Newberry area of South Carolina, inhabited since 1761 by a number of Golden (1761) and Golding (1771) families. He marries and then moves his family after 1813 to Perry, Alabama … leaving few hints as to his own origin.

Goldens and Goldings of Newberry, SC

The Thomas and William Golden line settled in Newberry by 1761, possibly 1760. They are yDNA tested as R1b

While there is no record of him in our family tree, he is known to have lived in the Newberry, South Carolina area at the very same time as my own Goldens. He married Mary Elizabeth (? Catherine) Lagrone, from the Lagrone family, living next door to my own Goldens.

Some genealogies claim that William Moody Golden was born in Virginia … but no evidence exists for where he was born.

+++ We have been able to confirm several other Goldens from this area as being related by using DNA testing.

Conflict and Disagreement Among Genealogies

There are also considerable contradictions in the genealogies that include whether William Moody Golden married an ‘Elizabeth’ or married ‘Elizabeth Lagrone‘ of Newberry, South Carolina. The Cone/Koon and Arendale families of Perry, Alabama claim that their patriarch married her as well.

— The Thomas Arendale claim is time appropriate as William Moody Golden died about 1831 and Thomas Arendale married ‘Mary Elizabeth Lagrone‘ in 1836.

— If she was married to Adam Koon as their genealogy claims, the birth of the children are time appropriate for her second marriage to be to Arendale, but not the marriage itself: 1836 vs Koon passing away in 1841. The timing of both marriage and children’s births conflict entirely with the birth of William Moody Golden‘s children.

Why DNA is Important to Knowing

Knowing the yDNA haplotype of William Moody Golden male descendants could help resolve this line’s origin, and relationship to other nearby families — while the Golden and Goldings of the Newberry area were non-matching R1b, there were G2a and I2 yDNA Goldens living within 70 miles in the Lincoln and Wilkes County, Georgia area. [1]Add info about Goldens in the Lincoln and Wilkes County, Georgia area.

A proper yDNA patriarch test from can produce the information necessary to confirm from which Golden and Golding line that were parents to William Moody Golden.

An Ancestry DNA test of a male can be used to determine the male line haplotype, using the Y-SNP Subclade Predictor. You can access this app at … this app can be amazingly accurate in identifying specific family lines due to its analysis of SNPs. What Morley DNA’s app cannot do is provide the STR values within yDNA needed to confirm paternal relationships.

>>> If you have already taken a DNA test of some kind, I am willing to help you process and analyze your DNA to determine the best results.

Free DNA Test for WMG Direct Male Descendant

If you are a male Golden descended from William Moody Golden then free DNA testing can be arranged. [2]For the free DNA testing, contact Bill Golden at and let him know your interest. Please provide some of your own lineage info.

Why Determining Male yDNA Haplotype is useful:

DNA tests from Ancestry, MyHeritage and 23andMe can be used to determine your male yDNA haplotype.

+++ It can eliminate other similarly-named families as having the same male-line grandfather.

+++ It can identify possible or probable relationships with other similarly-named families, AND with families of other names, as sharing the same male-line grandfather.

+++ It can help determine ancestry of origin from centuries prior.

Knowing a haplotype is very useful just on its own, What it cannot do is confirm descendence from a specific male. This requires a YDNA test from FamilyTreeDNA.

>>> If a male from William Moody Golden line tests positive as ‘R1b’ using the Morley app then a free YDNA test from FamilyTreeDNA can be arranged.

William “Bill” Golden

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1 Add info about Goldens in the Lincoln and Wilkes County, Georgia area.
2 For the free DNA testing, contact Bill Golden at and let him know your interest. Please provide some of your own lineage info.