Jonathan Golden (1806-84) born into Gulden / Gultin family Adams County, PA

Gulden Gultin Golden Nametag Swiss German Goldens — Pennsylvania — Their original name may have been Gulden, but is formally listed as ‘Gultin’ in some documents. Gulden appears to be the more recent acceptable version of the name, with Golden also used.

Jonathan Golden (1806-1884) was born into the Gulden / Gultin family of Adams County, Pennsylvania. This family originated in Bern, Switzerland. Jonathan and some of his siblings chose to use the Golden name, while others continued to use the Gulden name. It was a large family. His parents were John (Johannes) Gulden (1761 – 1843) and Elizabeth Weber (1764 – 1816).

The German ‘d’ often sounds like a ‘t’ when followed by a vowel. ‘Gultin’ is a very good fonetik spelling for Gulden … because phonetics work that way. … HOWEVER … it appears that Gultin was the name used when Johannes and Elisabeth married.

Johannes and Elisabeth were married by a German-surnamed minister, the Rev John Waldschmidt, so the original spelling of the name, Gulden or Gultin, remains debatable — their marriage being recorded in Waldschmidt’s church diaries.

Johnannes Gultin - 1783 --- son of Edward Gultin and Elizabeth Weber -- Pennsylvania

Per a Gulden Family Historian

Although there is a Swiss Guldi/Guldin family that immigrated in 1709 to Philadelphia, the Rev. Samuel Guldin 1664-1745, the above Jonathan Golden is not from that family. Some 40 years ago the family tree was “forced” into Rev. Samuel’s family by several misled genealogists. We have DNA results from his line and several other of his brothers which are R1b. We continue to search for Edward’s immigration, likely before 1750, to Lancaster County, PA. He appears in documents with several Welsh and or Northern Irishmen. Edward married a German girl and the family had strong German Reformed/Evangelical Lutheran roots ever since. Most of Jonathan’s children relocated to Iowa right after the Civil War.


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