James Goulden of Glossop, England searches for his siblings in Ohio, 1874

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James Goulden, recently arrived from England (1874), is advertising and searching for his brother John Goulden, who was supposedly in the Cinncinati, Ohio area circa 1862 after leaving Glossop, England (about 12 years ago from 1874).

James is also looking for his sisters: Catherine Goulden Trimble, Mary Goulden Mulvey, and Margaret Goulden Couglin … they are ‘somewhere in the State of Ohio’ … At first reading it is easy to assume that the sisters left when John did, circa 1862 … but that is not actually what the advertisement says, not grammatically. John may have left circa 1862 to join them in Ohio, and now James is looking for the all of them.

1874 John Goulden Glossop England

“The Boston Pilot” newspaper, Vol 7, 1871-1876, published Dec 18, 1874

2019 Update 

There was a Catherine Golden Trimble that immigrated from Ireland to Ohio; year unknown. She had three known children: Margaret (b 1839 OH), Michael (b 1842 OH), and John (b 1848 OH).

Catherine was born 1825 Ireland, death Apr 1880 (aged 54–55) at Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio. Burial: Saint Mary Cemetery, Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio. Married to William James Trimble 1785–1850. The FindaGrave page indicates that William Trimble died in 1850 in Ohio … so may not be any relation to the Catherine Goulden Trimble that is being sought after by a brother in 1874 … but may be.

Have found no trace of a Mary Goulden Mulvey and Margaret Goulden Couglin (Coughlin) … not per se … and searching for a John Golden or Goulden — not enough years to sort through them all.

Notes: these Gouldens arrived after 1822 so there should be an immigration record for them.

… There were numerous immigrant Mary Mulveys born in Ireland about 1820 that were living in various places, but not identified as such in Ohio. There was an Mary Mulvey in Ohio that married Patrick Glancy on 7 Apr 1855 at Erie, Ohio.  Since James’ and John’s sister Mary was born a Goulden and appears to have married a Mulvey, perhaps Mary Mulvey of 1855 was widowed and remarried a Glancy. Specifically, we have no knowledge of when or where she was born.

… As for Margaret Couglin, there was one that died in Cincinnati in 1891, buried at Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, PLOT Garden LN, Section 26, Lot 0, Space 4119 — there is no history for her. No info on her grave or in her grave record as to her age, birth place and birth year. There are however numerous other Couglins buried with her in the same cemetery.

… There was a Margaret Coghlin (Couglin) born about 1821 in Ireland that immigrated via Liverpool, England aboard the ship ‘ Dewitt Clinton’ to New York and arrived 18 Mar 1851 New York, New York. The record does not show her accompanied in her arrival by any familiar names — but the record is also unclear as to how or why people are listed other than they were passengers.

John Goulden 1874 missing in Cincinnati Ohio area

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