Searching for John Franklin Golden of New York and Alexandria, Virginia

John Franklin Golden of New York, born probably before 1925, perhaps as early as 1915, would find himself in Alexandria, Virginia at some time between 1948-1952.

While there he met, and may have married, Charlotte Alberta Rambo 1928–1988. There is no known public record of a marriage nor divorce, so most key info about John Golden is unknown — -would be handy to know his exact birthday.

Charlotte was born 7 June 1928 in Maryland to Charles A. Rambo and Margaret F. Miller, married in Washington DC in 1923 and city residents in 1928. Charlotte is listed in the Washington DC City Directory for 1948 living on her own at r223, 1st Street NE, in the city’s center, just a few blocks from the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court.

NOTE: Not sure what r223 means, but believe that it indicated a Rooming House at 223 1st Street … #223 is certainly a good address, both then and now. This land was acquired in 1949 for building offices for the Senate. Construction at #223 began in 1956 and is today known as The Dirksen Senate Office Building.

Charlotte passed 6 Dec 1988 at Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida. She and John Franklin had five children, one who passed very young.

Their children: Charles Albert Golden, Phillip Charles Edward Golden, Cynthia Marie Golden and Frances Dana Golden.

John Franklin and Charlotte went their ways at some time before 1971, with Charlotte moving with the children to Florida.

What happened to John Franklin Golden?

With the parting of ways so it appears that John Franklin Golden disappeared.

His parents are believed to be named John Francis Golden and Clara Bell O’Brian and lived in Brooklyn area of New York. His grandparents were supposedly Irish immigrants from Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland.

John Franklin Golden of New York, NY

There was  a John F. Golden born in New York City in 1915 — but the parents’ names are not given. We do know some about this John F. Golden … ‘F’ was for ‘Frank’.

John Frank Golden born 23 Feb 1915 at NY, NY died 18 Oct 1973. Parents listed as John Golden and Anne Raba in his social security record. Per an Ancestry genealogy, this John F. Golden married Kathleen Noonan and had a son named John Francis Golden about 1940.

There was another John F. Golden born in New York, NY 7 Jun 1912. Nothing known about this Golden.

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