The Death of Ransom Golden, Dec 1884, Newberry Co., SC

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Newberry South Carolina
Newberry, South Carolina

Not much is known about Ransom Golden other than how he died.


State of South Carolina, Newberry County, Dec 10, 1884

An inquisition indented and taken at Helena in Newberry County before J. N. Bass Coroner for said County, upon view of the body of Ransom Golden then and there being dead by the oaths R. H. Greneker Jr., John R. Perdew, Gary Anderson, P. H. Duckett, Pope Merchant, 0. P. Saxon, C. J. Zoble, J. D. Shockley, B. E. Julian, S. J. Welch, B. P. Mathews, R. S. Satterwhite being a lawful Jury of Inquest who being charged and sworn to enquire for the State of South Carolina where and by what means the said Ransom Golden came to his death and upon their oaths do say that on the 9th day of December A.D. one Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty-four The deceased came to his death by the falling of a tree cut by Henry Carpenter Sr. being purely accidental. J. N. Bass, Coroner

R. H. Greneker Jr., John R. Perdew, Gary Anderson, J. D. Shockley, P. H. Duckett, Pope Merchant, O. P. Saxon, C. J. Zobel, B. E. Julian, S. J. Welch, B. P. Mathews, R. S. Satterwhite

Henry Carpenter being duly sworn says: As I was cutting a tree on the left side I turned to the right cut, as I found the tree was not going as I thought. I said, Look out. The tree was about ten inches in circumference. As I said look out, he ran from his work. The tree fell on him. The body of the tree was lying across his head. He never said any thing. All this happened in Newberry County State of South Carolina. Henry (X) Carpenter

Benjamin Linsey being sworn said: Henry Carpenter said, “Look out.” Mr. Carpenter was holding the tree. He ran from his work and the tree fell on his head. He never spoke. Benj. (X) Linsey

Major Thomas being sworn says: I went to Henry Carpenter’s. When he said, “Come here boys. Golden is hurt. Help me to move the tree off him.” Major (X) Thomas

Henry Carpenter Jr. being sworn says: When I got there Father was rubbing his face. I do not know how he got to the house. Henry (X) Carpenter

This is to certify that I have examined the body of Ransom Golden and find that he came to his death from a fracture of the skull bone. Jas. K. Gilder M.D.

SOURCE: Coroner’s Inquisition, 1879-1893, Newberry County, South Carolina, Transcribed and contributed by Edith Greisser

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