Alfred and Mary Copp Rockett Golding immigrate to America from UK, 1885

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It was springtime in full bloom when the City of Richmond pulled into New York harbor after an almost two weeks journey from Liverpool, England, with a stop in Queenstown, County Cork, Ireland to take on more passengers.

With this arrival came a new Golding family to America in May 1885.

Ship: City of Richmond, sailed from LIverpool to New York 1885
Ship: City of Richmond, sailed from LIverpool to New York in May 1885

Aboard the City of Richmond was the Alfred Golding family from Luton, Bedfordshire, England, which is a town almost due north not far from London. They were a family of six: Alfred, Sr., his wife Mary Copp Rockett Golding and their four children: Alfred, Jr., Harry, Asenath Sarah and Mary.

Alferd Alfred Golding
The Golding family as listed in the ship’s manifest.

Between 1885 and 1900, it is unknown where the family lived but by 1900 they had set up their household in Ellisburg, Jefferson County in upper New York just off of the Lake Ontario shore and near to Watertown, New York.

Children of Alfred Sr., and Mary Copp Rockett Golding:

  • Alfred Golding, Jr. (1869-1928)
    — No information available.
  • Harry Golding (1871-1953)
    — Married Belle E. Higgs. Had five sons: Harold E., Maurice, Hugh A., Carrol Charles and Frank W. Golding; and had four daughters: Elsie E., Marvel B., Vera M. and Alta H. Golding.
    — A greatgrandson of Harry Golding: Sgt. Nicholes Darwin Golding
  • Asenath Sarah Golding (1873-1959)
    — Married Clarence Elms Lord and had five children: Pearl R., Niles C., Kenneth J., Alfred R., and Doris E. Lord.
  • Mary E. Golding (1876-aft 1885)
    — No information available.

All four of the children born in or near to Kentish Town, London, Middlesex, England, which is just a few miles from Luton.

Alfred Golding, Sr., was born in Ballington, Essex, England to John and Sarah Golding, both born about 1821 per the 1841 census. In the census, they were living with Alfred’s grandparents John Golding (??-1848) and Elizabeth Perkins Golding (??-aft 1841). There was a younger brother named Samuel Golding.

Alfred Godling
1841 census for Ballingdon, Hinckford (Hundred), Essex, England.

Note: I have assumed family relationships from the 1841 census. There is no designation within this particular census as to any specific relationships.

There is little doubt however that his father was named ‘John Golding’ as Alfred and Mary’s marriage certification lists the names of both the groom and the bride’s fathers. John Golding’s occupation was ‘carriage inspector’ and Alfred’s occupation was listed as a ‘stoker’. A stoker feeds a fire with coal or wood; can be employed in a mill and/or train engines were ‘stoked’ at the time.

At the time of marriage, Alfred was living at #6 Arcadian Cottage, Victoria Road, Haverstock Holy Trinity Hill Parish, Middlesex, and his bride Mary Copp Rocket was living at 26 Hawley Road in the same parish.


The initials on the family gravestone below represent those of Alfred’s son-in-law “C.E” (Clarence Elms Lord,
1872-1922) and his daughter “A.S. Lord” (Asenath Sarah Golding, 1873-1959).

Alfred Golding
The Alfred Golding, Sr., family gravestone, Jefferson, New York.
Photo is from cnlo71/ANC and the Lord-Owens Family Tree.

The Clarence and Asenath Lord children were:

  • Pearl R Lord (1894-??)
  • Niles C Lord (1896-1970)
  • Kenneth J Lord (1897-??)
  • Alfred R. Lord (1900-1990)
  • Doris E Lord (1908-1928) — not listed above

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