1856 – Reuben Golding and wife Helena Cheatham move to Texas

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook 1856 – Reuben Griffin Golding (1815 SC – bef 1870 TX) and wife Helena Cheatham (1816-1889) of Saluda, Abbeville, SC (1850 census) sued by brother-in-law Alfred Cheatham (1827-1864) in the South Carolina Equity Court. It appears that the Goldings left South Carolina and went to Montgomery, Texas … Read more

Ulster Scot settlement in South Carolina, 1761-1770

Misc sources and notes. Will turn into a story and outline later. List of ships and general history of the logistics of how settlement happened. Abbeville / Boonesborough settler list and plat info Earl of Donegal petitioners (1767) History of Londonborough Township, South Carolina Two Acts that established new Townships in South Carolina – 1730 … Read more

Feb 19, 1868 – Ira Golding sues William T. Golding

Golding/Golden/Goulding Family History on Facebook Defendant William T. Golding loses legal case to plaintiff Ira Golding. The Sheriff will auction off William’s store house and lot of land plus one black mule for cash as part of the settlement. — Edgefield Advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.), March 25, 1868 edition   Note: As of this posting, I … Read more