Barbara Gouldman, mid-1500s, early 1600s

Barbara Gouldman is of interest because her name is ‘Barbara’ and ‘Gouldman’ and there is a mystery in early 1700s Virginia about a Barbara Goulden that may actually be a Barbara Gouldman.


Two Barbara Gouldmans are known to have existed, both in England.

  • 1588Barbara Gouldman married Thomas Fydall on 30 Dec 1588 at Saint Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England. Families for both are unknown.
  • 1606 — A Barbara Gouldman was christened 29 Jun 1606 at Saint Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England. An alternate source lists this christening as Barbara Goodeman, christened 29 Jun 1606 at Ketteringham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom.
    — Her parents are the same for both christenings: father was Peter Gouldman and mother was Margaret Gouldman. The surname for both in the alternative record is spelt Goodeman. No genealogies exist for the parents under either spelling.
  • 1638 — Barbara Gouldman married on 24 Jun 1638 to John Andrewe (Andrews) at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England.

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My interest in these Barbara Gouldmans is due to my search for Barbara Goulden, c1720 VA – 1794 NC, who married John Rains of Caroline County, Virginia. ‘Barbara’ is a very rare name. Just as ‘Francis’ was and remains popular as a name for male Gouldmans in Virginia across 400 years, it appears that the name ‘Barbara’ has a historical appeal to Gouldmans on both side of the Atlantic. is moderated by Bill Golden — in search of his own family.

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