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There are numerous threads from these families interwoven via DNA and genealogy into my own family.

Some notes … not in any particular order other than approximate time sequence.

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1710 – Who were parents of Patience Norfleet, c1710-1775?

A Patience Norfleet married a John Eley about 1728. Numerous, most genealogies list Patience Norfleet‘s parents as:   John Joseph Norfleet LWT, 1699–after 1727, and Elizabeth Riddick, 1710–1781.  These parents are not likely.   ++ Most genealogies say Patience Norfleet was born in 1710, some say 1720.  Birth in 1720 is not possible as she married in 1728 … and if

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Clara Anne Norfleet (1933-1997) graduates1951 – Weeksville, NC

Clara Anne Norfleet Born April 10, 1933 – Hickory, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia or Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Died April 12, 1997 – Woodbridge, Prince William County, Virginia Mother: Jacqueline Virginia Norfleet, 1912–1973 … formally adopted by grandparents Alvah Edison Norfleet Sr, 1888–1959, and Nannie Leigh Hines, 1889–1963, as a baby. Grandparents are listed as parents on birth certificate. Relationship: my mom and

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