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Bill Golden’s lineage (2023): R1b R-M269 R-U106 R-Z405 R-DF98 R-S18823 R-FGC20605 R-FGC20581 R-BY103979 R-BY61503 R-FTB95535 R-BY70029

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Our Golden Family, proto-Germans, Baltic region, 1500 BCE

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook DNA can tell a story. Our male Golden YDNA lineage is R1b1a2a1a1c1a1 U106/S21/DF98 … which subbranches as follows:  Z381 > Z156 > Z306 > Z304 > DF98 > S18823 > FGC20588 > R-FGC20581 > R-BY103979. NOTE: This page requires updating due to additional info

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Eleanor Golden Warren, c1745-1809, Clouds Creek, Saluda, SC

Eleanor Golden Warren, c1745-1809/11, Clouds Creek, Saluda, SC NEEDS REVIEW and revising … a new date of death is claimed: 25 OCT 1811 • Clouds Creek, Edgefield, SC (Now, Saluda, SC) — see this profile for what is considered the most current and accurate information. South Carolina – Newberry/Saluda/Edgefield – c1745-1809 or 1811 Which Golden

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Eugene M. (Geno) Golden, 1936-2021

Eugene M. (Geno) Golden, 1936-2021 WISCONSIN, Eau Claire — Eugene M. (Geno) Golden, 1936-2021.Parents: Christopher Patrick Golden, 1894–1971, and Rose H Ludwikoski, 1910–1995, both of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. >>> This line of Goldens came from Canada and arrived in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA by the 1870 census with Michael Golden 1844–1914 living with his mother Mary,

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