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Bill Golden’s lineage (2021): R1b R-M269 R-U106 R-Z405 R-DF98 R-S18823 R-FGC20605 R-FGC20581 R-BY103979

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Our Golden Family, proto-Germans, Baltic region, 1500 BCE

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook DNA can tell a story. Our male Golden YDNA lineage is R1b1a2a1a1c1a1 U106/S21/DF98 … which subbranches as follows:  Z381 > Z156 > Z306 > Z304 > DF98 > S18823 > FGC20588 > R-FGC20581 > R-BY103979. NOTE: This page requires updating due to additional info

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Eleanor Golden Warren, c1745-1809, Clouds Creek, Saluda, SC

Eleanor Golden Warren, c1745-1809/11, Clouds Creek, Saluda, SC NEEDS REVIEW and revising … a new date of death is claimed: 25 OCT 1811 • Clouds Creek, Edgefield, SC (Now, Saluda, SC) — see this profile for what is considered the most current and accurate information. South Carolina – Newberry/Saluda/Edgefield – c1745-1809 or 1811 Which Golden

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Eugene M. (Geno) Golden, 1936-2021

Eugene M. (Geno) Golden, 1936-2021 WISCONSIN, Eau Claire — Eugene M. (Geno) Golden, 1936-2021.Parents: Christopher Patrick Golden, 1894–1971, and Rose H Ludwikoski, 1910–1995, both of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. >>> This line of Goldens came from Canada and arrived in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA by the 1870 census with Michael Golden 1844–1914 living with his mother Mary,

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How We Became Gouldens. Maybe. Rains vs Gouldman in 1718

Rains vs Gouldman Estate, 1718 ~~~ Goulden is Result? The following is mostly fact and part theory. I have tried to clearly delineate between the two. This is an article in active research.  Have discovered a number of relevant legal documents in the Essex County archives … access will depend upon COVID-19 cooperating so that

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Raines, Rainey, Gouldman, Golden, Shands and Sheehan — Connections

Raines, Rainey, Gouldman, Golden, Shands and Sheehan — Connections ~~~ Info Current as of 12 September 2021 ~~~ We continue to bring together different pieces of our family tree. Not always is there documentation. Not always do dates and names in genealogies agree — and with no sources of actual information to support appearance of

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William Golden’s Militia Service – Revolutionary War, South Carolina

William Golden’s Militia Service – South Carolina Revolutionary War Former Virginian and Colonel of South Carolina Militia Philemon Waters was given the mission in 1781 to ‘recruit’ to support the revolutionary militia. This included recruiting loyalists to switch sides. Colonel Waters had a reputation of treating, and being treated by, local loyalists with respect and

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Were Gouldmans once Goldings?

Were Gouldmans once Goldings? Gouldman is not a common name. Even today, the name is very rare in the UK and Ireland. Per census records, the Gouldman name exists today in just four counties. For the Virginia Gouldmans to have an original immigrant from the UK or Ireland, then the preceding two generations of Gouldmans

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