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There are numerous threads from these families interwoven via DNA and genealogy into my own family.

Some notes … not in any particular order other than approximate time sequence.

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My relationship to Keelings: I had a Keeling grandfather at some time prior to 1660, possibly 1580-1660. Confirmed by yDNA, 67 Markers FamilyTreeDNA … it appears that our branch changed its surname in the early 1660s (Gouldman, Goulden) while maintaining a close relationship with Keelings for several generations to follow, into the early 1700s. I can identify a later English Keeling family from Hungerford, Berkshire, England as direct male-line kin — their own genealogy traces only to the early 1700s. Looking for the connection backwards. YDNA testing by Keelings can help with this.

American yDNA-tested male Keelings exist in at least five (5) non-related male lines, not related within last several thousands of years. yDNA branches: E-M35, J-M267, J-M304, R1b U106 and R1b R-P312.

Recommended yDNA tests for learning more: Patriarch test (67 or Y700, take the Y700 if in your budget). Quick and inexpensive, but lacking many technical details (STRs and SNPs): 23andMe.

John “Jackie” D. Keeling, Belleview IL, 1961-2021

John “Jackie” D. Keeling, Belleview IL, 1961-2021 Ilinois and Kentucky — John “Jackie” D. Keeling (59) passed away on 8 Nov at Belleville, Illinois – born Friday, 1 Dec 1961, in East St. Louis, IL. John was preceded in death by his parents, Jackie and Aurelia, nee Janosky, Keeling and his brother, Joseph C. Keeling.

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Keeling Tree Chaos – William Tyler Keeling, c1710-1820

Keeling Tree Chaos – William Tyler Keeling, c1710-1820 KEELING TREE CHAOS — Parents, wives and any children of William Tyler Keeling, c1710-1820, appear to be unconfirmable.  While I believe that he descends from the Princess Anne, Virginia, Keelings there is no documentary evidence for that, and genealogy trees for him are so contradictory and lacking

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Connie Keeling Truesdale, 1942-2021, Delphos, Ohio

Connie Keeling Truesdale, 1942-2021, Delphos, Ohio Connie Truesdale, 78, nee Keeling, of Delphos, Ohio, has passed. She was born in Allen County on October 23, 1942, to Robert and Ruth (Feathers) Keeling. >>> Descendant of Keelings that settled in Virginia, 1628/1635. Obituary: Learn more about Connie Keeling Truesdale

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