Crime, Courts and GFolks

The following are legal and criminal events.

Year Name Comments
1758 James Goulding Virginia – The King’s Court (Rex) – James Goulding accused of swearing in public. Defendant could protest the charge “at Defendant’s cost”. Not recorded how it turned out. Source
1832 Daniel Golden Georgia – Convicted of altering a bank note on the Planters Bank of Georgia. The Laurens County, Georgia, Superior Court, 1832, and sentenced Daniel to be hung Friday November 9, 1832. Source: Southern Recorder newspaper, Milledgeville Nov 10, 1832.
1874 John Golden Virginia – John Washington Golden convicted of murdering in the second degree: Joseph McFarland. Sentenced to 18 years in prison. Source
1886 W A M Golden Texas – W A M Golden convicted of embezzlement. Occupation at time of conviction: Professor of music and penmanship. Birth Year: abt 1856, Age: 30 Birth Place: Alabama / Record Date: 12 Nov 1886 Residence: Paris / Prison Location: Rusk, Cherokee, Texas, USA / Convict Number: 2468
1895 Kitty Golden Texas – Kittie (Kitty) Golden, age 17, from Illinois, was shot and killed by Henry Bierman of Galveston, Texas.Kitty Golden