Nicholas Martiau, LWT 1657, Freed Slaves, Virginia

Nicholas Martiau is my 11th grandfather.

Nicholas Martiau, 1591–1657, married to Jane Elizabeth Berkeley (DeBerkely), 1593–1686.

His last will and testament (LWT) dated 1 Mar 1656/7, proven and recorded 24 Apr 1657. No sons, names three daughters.

Two negroes Phill: and Nicholas to be free. Land for their use and personal property. They to have sufficient land “to plant in the Field where William Leigh lived for their lives” …

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SOURCE: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. III, York County, 1648-1657, page 133, by Beverly Fleet, The Original 34 Volumes Reprinted in 3, Volume III, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc, 1988. is moderated by Bill Golden — in search of his own family.

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