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Golden Genealogy and Family History

Arriving in America – 1700-1799

Updated 2024.03.08

Known list of Arrivals, Transportations and First Appearances

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1700 – William Goulding is scheduled by the Essex County Court, Virginia on 30 Dec 1700 to be paid 200 pounds of tobacco for the killing of a wolf, with assistance by his dogs. [4]Essex County Orders, 1699-1702, by Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, Virginia, 1989, pg 56.

1701 – Anthony Golden arrived at Virginia from ___ (not listed). (2)

1710 – Thomas Goulding received land grant for 100 acres.

1714 – Nathaniel Golden arrived at Virginia from ___ (not listed). (1)

1718 – Hamlett Golding of Virginia married the widow Elizabeth Moon, whose husband John Moon died in 1717. Hamlett and Elizabeth would have at least one son in 1721 Thomas Golding … who would marry Frances Berry. Hamlett Golding was born at some time before 1698 … at least 1-2 decades before 1698. Two local youths were given over to Hamlett as apprentices.

1730 – Christian Gouldin and Samuel Gouldin, from Philadephia County, were naturalized in Pennsylvania in 1730-31 … the English naturalization Acts from 1708 onward were intended to filter out Catholics and non-Protestant Christians from settlement in the colonies, and if they did settle to provide distinction between the legal rights available to colonists.

………. The first naturalization act, passed by Congress on March 26, 1790 (1 Stat. 103), provided that any free, white, adult alien, male or female, who had resided within the limits and jurisdiction of the United States for a period of 2 years was eligible for citizenship.

1804 – Michael  Golden arrived at New York from ___ (not listed). (2)

1817 – Peter Golden arrived at New York from ___ (not listed). (2)

1832Thomas Goulding was born at Kingswood, Somersetshire, England, August 1799 and emigrated to the USA in 1832, settling first in Ohio, then California in 1854. After two years in California, he returned to Ohio and then moved to Minnesota in 1856, settling finally at Princeton, MN in 1858.

c1850 – James Golding (1802-1875) and his wife Ann brought their family from England to Townsend Township, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada by 1850. Includes children and grandchildren in Norfolk County. Descendant surname included: Gilbert, Charters.

1868-1872 – Charles Thomas Golding arrives in USA. Born 19 May 1867 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; death 26 Oct 1955 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA. Married Josephine M. Droubay, 1866-1952. Nine Golding children: Leo Charles, Hortense E., Homer Paul, Emily D., Josephine, Gladys, Cartina, Phyllis N., and Margaret.

1878 – William F. Golden and wife Sarah Bartholomew Golden  arrive from England, along with son David Gilbert Golden (1863) and Sarah’s brother George W. Bartholomew. They settled immediately in Nebraska.

1881 or 1887 – Patrick Golden, birth Sep 1853 in Ireland, death abt 1935 in Union, New Jersey. Married to Catherine “Kate” Grant.

c1909-1910Boris Golding immigrates from Russia (Lithuania) and settles in Chicago, Illiinois. He is drafted for World War I. While stationed at Camp Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, he gets his naturalized U.S. citizenship. After the war he returns to Chicago, where he lives until at least 1942.

1913 MarchCharlotte Rebecca Goulding Barber and family arrive in New York from England, settling in Michigan.

Earlier Arrivals – 1607 to 1699


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of Virginia Land Patents and Grants. Vol. 3: 1695-1732. Richmond [VA]:
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2 – House of Names, Golden. No sources given for listings.

Golden Family History and Genealogy
Heraldic elements, colors and designs from various Golden, Golding and Goulden families


4 Essex County Orders, 1699-1702, by Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, Virginia, 1989, pg 56.