YDNA – Haplogroup Q

YDNA – Haplogroup Q

A haplotype indicates a specific branch on the DNA tree. Branches can have branches so just knowing that you match a specific group does not indicate descent or cousinship with other basic matches.

Determination of descent requires examination of DNA STR values — only testing via FTDNA provides this.

Other tests can identify your haplotype but do not provide STRs.

YDNA Patriarchs Index

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Inclusion in a Paternal Line means that all individuals share a common grandfather.

Q – Patriarch Line #1

Q / Q-M242 

Some family histories claim that Moses Ray Golden is a descendant of Jacob Golden (listed below) of Pittsylvania, Virginia. Not possible due to different YDNA types. The history of Upshur County, West Virginia claims that Moses Ray Golden is the grandson of William and Mary Elizabeth Golden. His parents are unknown. 

Unique SNP testing indicates that this Golden line is Native American. There is no such thing as ‘Native American DNA’ but SNP testing allows the tracking of SNPs through time. Moses Ray Golden’s descendant has SNPs only identified with Q-M242 descendants with ample Native American DNA lines.


George Goldenhawk Sizemore: Native American

His yDNA indicates that this Golden line most likely descends from George Gulden GoldenHawk Sizemore … who used Golden as his surname. There are many Sizemore male descendants. MANY. Sizemore was taken to court for bigamy, accused of having 50+ children by at least two wives.

Per family lore and a newspaper story, when the judge asked Sizemore Golden what he had to say for himself: he remarked that if he was as handsome as the judge then he would have had more children. 

Due to the sheer size of the Sizemore Golden family (NC/VA/KY/TN), atDNA such as Ancestry should show many American families as related to the Sizemores.