Dr. Thomas Marcellus Golden, 1881-1948

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Dr. Thomas Marcellus Golden Born in 1881 in Culberson, NC to Joseph Henry Golden, son of Nathaniel G. Golden. Only a few stories are known of him. He drowned while crossing a mountain steam on horseback going to tend a patient. He was a country mountain doctor as was his father, Joseph Henry Golden. Poor old Joseph died of the flu epidemic when he was just 38, while tending patients. He died in Blue Ridge and was buried there. Some say that he delivered all the babies in the mountains for miles around.

— Memories from the Herdis and Shirley Pascoe Golden family

Dr. Thomas Marcellus Golden, 1881–1948

Born 2 Dec 1881, Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Georgia, and passed away 22 Mar 1948 at Hothouse, Cherokee, North Carolina.

Thomas Marcellus Golden


Joseph Henry Golden, 1858–1896, and  Emily C Berry, 1861–1939


Maude Mabel Brock, 1884–1924

Born 1 May 1884, Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Georgia
Death 26 APR 1924, Hot House, Cherokee, North Carolina

Children: (needs review; some conflict of info)

  • Jane Golden 1906–1906
  • America Mae Golden 1908–1984
  • Thomas Mitchell Golden 1910–1948
  • Michael Golden 1911–1916
  • Wilber Golden 1912–1912
  • Wiley Golden 1916–1916
  • Emer “Emma” Mary Golden 1918–1996
  • Private (Female, 1922)


Bessie Mundy, 1904–1993

Born 17 Jan 1904, Cherokee County NC
Death 11 Jan 1993, Murphy, Cherokee, North Carolina, USA


  • Private (Female, 1926 Twin)
  • Esma Faye Golden 1926–1999
  • Private (Male, 1929)
  • Francis Otto Golden 1932–1992
  • Homer Golden 1937–1937
  • Edmund “Eddie” Bascum Golden 1939–2001
  • Private (Male, 1942)
  • Private (Male, 1945)

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