Golden, Golding, Goulding et al

Genealogy and family history research on families with the surname of Gauld/Gold/Gould -en, -in, -ing, -man and a few other variants.

Bill Golden

Origins of the Goldens, Goldings, Gouldings et al … the name itself has deep roots to the word ‘gold’, which to some degree may indicate being ‘blond’ more than anything else. Gaelic family members found their names like o goilin and o goilidhe anglicized, as did the Scottish MacGoldricks. There is also an entire spectrum of Baltic region Goldens and Goldings from the former Germanic areas of the Baltic region, centered on modern Latvia.

Quite a few American families arrived and their names were not at all related to anything close to Golden or Golding … this includes my own, which was Keeling (1635).