Leonard Tarrant and wife Mary, 6th Great-Grandparents

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Leonard Tarrant and wife Mary, 6th Great-Grandparents

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DNA Connection: Paternal line

Leonard Tarrant, 1714–1791

BIRTH 4 APR 1714 • Essex Co., Virginia
DEATH 20 FEB 1791 • Ninety Six, Greensville Co., South Carolina
6th great-grandfather

Mary, 1707–1755

BIRTH 1707 • Virginia
DEATH 1755 • Greenville, Spartanburg, South Carolina
6th great-grandmother

Leonard Tarrant

Elizabeth Tarrant / Solomon Kirby / Agnes Kirby / George Hudson
Elizabeth Hudson / Geneva Cormeny / Lois Payne Conrad Schwartz Watts

Leonard Tarrant and wife Mary

Leonard Tarrant / Benjamin Tarrant / James Tarrant / Sarah Tarrant
Leona Hensley Gilmore / John Lindsey

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