Golden, Golding, Goulding, Gouldman et al Slaves, Slave Owners and such

Listing of slave owners and their location are shown alphabetically below by: last name, first name, year.

Slaves were counted in the 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, and 1860 census (bold means that those census records are included below).

In the 1860 census, as slavery came to nearing its close, there were 3,950,450 registered slaves. The purpose of this page is purely for genealogic research. No historical judgements are intended or made.

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How accurate are the slave schedules? I know of several instances where the count may be low by more than 50% (Stephen Norfleet, William B Gaulden/Goulden) — so there may be a number of slaves that are grossly unaccounted for within the schedules.

Numerous Gauldens, Goldens, Goldings, Gouldens/Gouldings, etc., came by their family name due to being slaves. For these GFolks, tracking their family history is already quite difficult. There may be clues however if they know something about their lives during slavery.

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1808 Slave Transport Records, Savannah, Georgia
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Entries ordered by Last Name, First Name and year

YearLocOwner Slave(s)Comments
Slave Owner  
1658VirginiaThe General Assembly passed a law defining “What Persons are Tithable,” a “tithable” was a member of the potentially productive labor force: free caucasian males age sixteen or older plus “all negroes imported whether male or female, and Indian servants male or female however procured, being sixteen years of age” (Hening, Statutes at Large, 1:454-455) … These Tithe lists can be a good place to find the names of slaves and their owners.
Golding8St Lucy’s Parish, Barbados
  One young male slave, named Baddue. One female slave named Bess, with six children.
1725SC PeterGoulding11Dorchester, SC
  Peter Goulding is listed in a census of St. George Parish, Dorchester, SC. His household has one male (himself), one woman, two children and 11 slaves (4 males, 3 women, 4 children).
1749SCJohn Golden 6Camden, SC area
  Already living in South Carolina, John Golden had a wife, two children and six slaves. Counting the slaves as settlers, he asked for 500 acres of land (50 acres/person) in Fredericksburgh, SC … which became Camden, SC circa 1758. South Carolina turned him down, noting that the land was reserved for new settlers. It is unknown what became of John Golden and family. See John Goulding 1759 below. This Golden family could well be Gouldings.
1750VAWilliamGolding2Orange Co., VA

26 Jul 1750, page 274 of tithables, William Golding had two slaves ‘a Negro Lad & Negro Girl’ … Jimmy was age 16 and Doll was age 12. It appears that William Golding and the slaves appeared before the Orange County Court and determination of the slave’s ages was of importance. No reason is given.

Based upon other cases mentioned, it may be that William Golding was required to pay taxes (tithes) for slaves, and these depended upon their age.
Virginia 1658: the General Assembly passed a law defining “What Persons are Tithable,” a “tithable” was a member of the potentially productive labor force: free caucasian males age sixteen or older plus “all negroes imported whether male or female, and Indian servants male or female however procured, being sixteen years of age” (Hening, Statutes at Large, 1:454-455)
1755NY ThomasGolding1North Castle, NY
  From an entry of 4 May 1755: “… Thomas Golding has one wench Named Elizabeth …” from a discussion of who owned slaves (1609292030)
1759GA JohnGoulding16Midway, Liberty Co, GA
  John Goulding asked for 300 acres of land so he could move his
family of four and 16 slaves. // My belief is that he is related to
Peter Goulding and the other Gouldings that settled at Midway, Georgia.
1774VAEdwardGouldman Essex, VA
  Exact number of slaves unknown. Willed entirety of his estate to one person Edward Davis (Gouldman). Gave a few items and slaves to others: Brother Francis Gouldman received Ben
… Charles Donoho received boy Will
… Sally Davis received the girl Lett
… Clary Davis received the girl Ester
… Mary Gouldman, daughter of brother Thomas Gouldman recieved the woman Phillis.
1777SC WilliamGolding20Ninety Six District (Abbeville), SC
  Although he did not die until 1782, William Golding prepared his will in 1777. Within his will he names a number of slaves and to whom they will eventually go to. Doll, Lucy, Jack, Harry, and Hannah go to son John Golding. George, Joe, Cate go to son Reuben Golding. Jacob goes to son Anthony. Lankistor goes to
son Richard. Callamy, Ben, Milley, Lett go to daughter Mary Golding Leonard. Wagoner and Lucy go to son William Jr. Jeni
goes to daughter Milley Golden Griffin. Nancy goes to Sarah Golding Foster. Jane goes to daughter Elizabeth Golding Tinsley. Nan and Poss go to son Robert.

Many of these slaves probably began their lives in Orange County,
Virginia which is where the Goldings came from in the early 1770s.

The children of these slaves probably lived their lives in Louisiana and Mississippi when the Goldings (and related kin of Foster family) migrated westward by very early 1800s.

1780VA WilliamGolding12Albemarle, VA
  Household Remarks: 10 Apr 1782, District No. 4: free males above 21: 1; slaves: 12; “No Nett[?] Cattle”: 14; “No Horses mares Colts & Mules”: 4; “No wheels for Riding Carriags”: 0; “No. Billiard Tables”: 0; “No Ordinary. Source Document: Personal Property Tax Lists, 1782 [Virginia State Library]; Call Number: FHL Film 2024443; Page Number: 19; Family Number: 9
1806PA JohnGoulding1Franklin TWP, Franklin County, PA
  Owned “one bound boy named George Hunt” worth $100.
1808USASlave importation becomes illegal.
1810SC IsabellaGolding12Newberry, SC
  Isabella was the wife of the late Anthony Golding, son of William Golding (1704-1882) and Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775), who moved with their families from Orange, Virginia to the
Ninety Six District about 1771. Anthony passed away in late 1801,
leaving slaves to Isabella and family members. Some slaves
are named within the will
1810VAJesseGaulding3Prince Edward, VA
1812USASlaves were counted in the census beginning in 1790, but not named. The 1850 and 1860 census provided a place for slave’s names to be listed but their name seldom was — although their age, sex and race (black or mulatto) was listed. There are no known registers of slaves before 1812. The best place to find information about a slave before 1812 is in the private papers of the slave owner, or in records about the owner or his or her property.
Papers might still be with the family or deposited in a local archive
or library where the family lived or settled.

Wills would often name specific slaves to be passed to specific family members or to third parties.

John Golden Jr
Golden1Laurens, SC
  John Golden Jr died intestate in 1814. No known family members. His property was inventoried and valued at $487 … $450 of that comes just from the value of one young slave named ‘Frank’. Frank is referred to as a ‘negro boy’ but chances are that Frank was older than 16 and less than 30. No information as to what happened to Frank. More info may be in the probate records at Laurens, SC.
1820GAThomasGolding1Oglethorpe Co, GA
  6 Jan 1820 – Thomas Golding, listed as Thomas Golden, buys Baccus, a slave of Fielding Dillard (1771-1818) in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, for $52.50 at the 1820 Dillard estate sale. Thomas W Golding was a neighbor of Fielding Dillard. Thomas Golding (1793–1822) married on 2 Feb 1818 at Oglethorpe, Georgia to Susan Strong (1799–1875).
1830SC ChristinaGoulden1Charleston, SC
  William (Wm) C. Oakley sold Christina Goulden a slave named Robert for $222 on 15 July 1830. Bill of Sale on file in my records and on Fold3.
1830VAElizabeth Gaulding8Prince Edward, Virginia
1830GA Mark (Jr.)Golden7District 269, Lincoln, Georgia
  Per 1830 census, the Mark Golden family has 7 slaves. The ages of the Golden family are too young to be from the Mark Golden Sr family so this is probably Mark Golden Jr. Slaves: 2 males under 10; 1 male between 10-23; 2 females under 10; 1 female between 10-23; 1 female between 24-35
1832SC ReubenGolding6Newberry District, SC
  Leaves one slave to each sibling. Slaves named.
1835SC Robert Sr.Golding11Newberry District, SC
  Within his will, he leaves slaves by the name of Edmond, John, Louise, Mary, Moses, Sucky (F), Winny (F), Judah (F) plus three children.
Jane Thompson Golden
Golden2St Catherine, Jamaica
1849VACarter W.Gouldin9Hanover, VA
  Carter W. Gouldin died intestate 1849 at his home at Goodlyhole Creek near Chickahominy Creek, Hanover, Virginia. He had 9 slaves and 200 acres. Names unknown.
1849MS Elizabeth MaloneGaulden24Wilkinson County, MS
  There were approximately 24 slaves that worked the Gaulden property. Ten slaves appear to have been directly owned by Elizabeth; they are named in her 1844 will, which was used when she died in 1849. Their names: Simon, Charlotte, Mary, Annette, Robert, William, Alfred, John, Jerry, and Anthony
1850USARegistered slaves owned by families with the name of:
  Galden  0 
  Gaudin 170 
  Gaulden 181 
  Gaulding 87 
  Golden 99 
  Goldin 15 
  Goulden 37 
  Golding 147 
  Gouldin 98 
  Goulding 25 
  A master list of slave schedules (census) is available on — will list by owner, location, etc., at later date. Find by searching for: Ancestry Slave Schedule
1850GAFirst Name Unknown Gaulden Baker, District 2, GA
1850TX A.B.Golden5Bowie, District 8, TX
1850NC AlgiasGolden6Surry, NC
1850SC Anthony B.Golding5Laurens, SC
1850SC A.F. (Anthony Foster)Golding12 (29)Laurens, SC
  The correct number is probably 29. Slaves are listed in two columns. The first lists A.F. Golding as the owner, totaling 12. The second column is a bit garbled … but appears to say ‘contd A F G’, which would total 29 from both columns and indicates that these additional slaves were contracted, or rented.
1850AR BenjaminGolden3Clark, Greenville, AR
1850VA Benjamin FGolden1Danville, Pittsylvania, VA
1850MD CatherineGolden9Charles, MD
1850GA CharlesGolding4Lumpkin, Stewart, GA
1850TN D.Golden1Weakley, TN
1850LA E.Gaudin Ascension Parish, LA
  Part 2 of the Schedule slave count is listed as ‘E. Gaudin’ rather than ‘Edouard Gaudin Sr.’
1850LA Edouard Sr.Gaudin61Ascension Parish, LA

54 of 61 slaves are listed as ‘Filipino’. The schedule, to my eyes, appears to indicate that all slaves are black. Not sure why listed as Filipino. Yet, there were Filipinos living in Louisiana.

How did Filipinos get to Louisiana? As it turns out, there were a large number of Filipinos that settled in Louisiana beginning around 1763. These were Filipinos that were pressed into naval service as either slaves or servants within the Spanish fleet that serviced the Spanish Empire. They escaped when they reached Mexico and somehow found their way to Louisiana. They would settle in the bayou and set up villages there.

How the Filipinos came to be slaves on the Gaudin property is unknown … but they are documented as such in the 1850 Slave schedule for Edouard Gaudin and a nearby relative, Elphage Gaudin, who had three Filipino slaves.

Per the family history, the Gaudin family was originally from Quebec, Canada and relocated to Louisiana prior to 1771, with Edouard Goudin Sr being born in Louisiana in 1771, son of Joseph Gaudin and Genevieve Landry).

1850VA ElizbethGouldin2Caroline, VA
1850SC ElizabethGolding1Newberry, SC
1850NC ElizabethGolden2Surry, NC
1850VA ElizabethGolden1Chesterfield, Upper District, VA
1850VA Elizabeth and HarryGouldenFluvanna, VA
1850 Census of Fluvanna County, Virginia: Elizabeth Goulden, age 70, and probable son Harry Goulden, age 48. Both listed as Black. Elizabeth and Harry were probably former slaves. Fluvanna is between Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia. There were a number of white Goulden families in nearby counties … SOURCE
1850LA ElphageGaudin3Ascension Parish, LA
  Per Ancestry, all three of these slaves are also listed as ‘Filipino’. The schedule, to my eyes, appears to indicate that these slaves are black. Not sure why the index lists as Filipino.
1850AL Federick (Frederick?)Golden3Russell, AL
1850GA FrancisGolden2Muscogee, Columbus, GA
1850LA/MS Frank SrGauldenBorn a slaveLouisiana
  Frank Gaulden, Sr., born 1850 in
Louisiana and Josephine Gardner, born 1852 in Mississippi had a son: Frank Gaulden, Jr born 1888 in Franklin County, Mississippi .
1850VAGeo B.Gouldin1Lunenburg, VA
1850TX H.H.Golden1Panola, TX
1850VAHenry B.Goulden(son)12Caroline, VA
1850TN IsabellaGolding2District 4, Macon, TN
1850LA J.B., Mrs.Gaudin52Ascension Parish, LA
1850GA J.P.Gaulden29Decatur, GA
1850VA James A.Goulden15King and Queen, Stratton Major Parrish, VA
1850VA James T.Gouldin2Caroline, VA
  44 slaves in 1860.
1850AR JenkinsGoldin1Perry, AR
1850LA JoachimGaudin12Eastern District, St James, LA
1850MO JohnGolding1District 16, Cass, MO
1850SC JohnGolding1Newberry, SC
1850VA JohnGouldin64Caroline, VA
1850MD John A.Golden7Charles, MD
1850SC John F.Golding17Newberry, Newberry, SC
  Had 17 slaves in 1860.
1850SC John F.Golding6Laurens, SC
1850VA John W.Gouldin10Caroline, VA
1850SC Jno.Golden2Anderson, SC
1850VA John B.Gaulden13Lunenburg, VA
1850MS John R.Golding7Western Division, Choctaw, MS
1850MO John S.Gaulden2Saline, District 90, MO
1850MO John (S.)Gauldin2Saline, District 90, MO
1850FL John W.Goldwin8Gadsden, FL
1850VA Jno. B. (Johnathan B)Gauldin14Lunenburg, VA
1850MO JosephGauldin
12Saline, District 90, MO
1850AL Leburn (probably Seaborn
Golden, son of Mark Golden, Sr.)
Golden3Township 21, Tallapoosa, AL
1850TXMaev, probably MaceGolden1Panola, TX
  Owns six slaves in 1860.
1850SC MargaretGolding22Newberry, SC
1850MO MarthaGaulden5Lafayette, District 46, MO
1850GA MaryGolding2District 13, Chatham, GA
1850VA MaryGouldin6Caroline, VA
1850LA MichelGaudin3Eastern District, St James, LA
1850GAP.Gaulden37Decatur, GA
1850LA RaphaelGaudin8Eastern District, St James, LA
1850SC Reuben G.Golding1Abbeville, SC
1850SC RichardGolding18Laurens, SC
1850TX Richd (Richard)Golden13Panola, TX
  Owns 28 slaves in 1860.
1850NC R.D.Golding16Germanton, Stokes, NC
  Had 22 slaves in 1860.
1850TN S.Golden3Weakley, TN
1850AL S.Goldin1Madison, AL
1850AR S.H.Golden2Izard, AR
1850NC S.W.Gaulden22Rockingham, Eastern District, NC
1850SC S.Y.Golding1Edgefield, SC
1850LA Saml (Samuel)Gaulden1East Feliciana, LA
1850VA SamuelGaulden4Southern District, Pittsylvania, VA
1850TN SolomonGoulden4Henderson, District 11, TN
1850VA SamuelGolden1Chesterfield, Upper District, VA
1850AL Seburn (Probably Seaborn
Golden, son of Mark Golden, Sr.)
Golden3Talapoosa, AL
1850AR ShirleyGoldin1Perry, AR
1850VA SilasGoulding21Washington, Westmoreland, VA
  Lived near to Henry T. Garnett so this is probably a Gouldin descendant … the Battle at ‘Garnett and Golding Farm’ is a misnomer as the farm belonged to a Gouldin.
1850VA SimonGoulden18Hanover, West District, VA
1850KY StephenGolden6Knox, KY
1850MS Thos (Thomas)Gauldin9Wilkinson, MS
1850TN Thos (Thomas)Golding11District 3, Lauderdale, TN
1850MS Thomas W.Golding37Lowndes, MS
  Had 67 slaves in 1860.
1850VA Thomas W.Golden (Gouldin)13Caroline, VA
1850VA Thomas … aka Thomas GoldingGolden3Prince William, VA
  Thomas Golding ran ‘The Missouri Mill’ in Dumfries, Virginia which is in Prince William County. One of the slaves was named George Posey, who ran away in 1851.
1850LA ValentinGaudin16Eastern District, St James, LA
1850AL Wm (William)Goldin12Madison, AL
1850NCWilliamGoldin or
3Forsyth, NC
1850AL WilliamGolden17Russell, AL
1850VA WilliamGoulding3Richmond, Henrico, VA
1850GA William B(oatner), aka William GauldenGoulden
17Liberty, GA
1850GA William E. (probably
William B.)
17District 16, Liberty, GA
1850LA William E.Gaulden6Catahoula, LA
1851VA Thomas … aka Thomas GoldenGolding1(3)‘Missouri Mills’, Prince William, VA
  Had male slave by name of George Posey. In the 1850 Slave Schedule, was listed as Thomas Golden — owner of three slaves.
1856SCA.F. (Anthony Foster)Golding3Spartanburg, SC
1860LAFirst Name Unknown Gaudin?Ascension
Parish, LA
1860LAFirst Name Unknown Gaudin?St. Landry Parish, LA
1860MSFirst Name Unknown Golding?Lowndes
Co., MS
1860VA AGouldin1Caroline, VA
  Entry marked “Hired of A. Gouldin”. The prior entry would appear to indicate that the hire was made by Wade A. Thorton.
1860GA A.M., MrsGoulding3Columbus, Muscogee, GA
1860MS AlexanderGolden10Leake, MS
1860MS AnthonyGolding1Pontotoc, MS
  Same as Anthony Golding of 1850 in SC. Many South Carolina Golding and Foster kin moved to Mississippi.
1860AR B.Golden7Greenville township, Clark, AR
1860MOBenjm M.Gauldin7Jefferson, Saline, MO
1860AR BenjaminGolden1Greenville township, Clark, AR
1860VA BenjamenGoldin1South District, Pittsylvania, VA
1860SC C.M.Golding25Laurens, SC
1860GAC.S.Gaulden35Brooks, GA
1860DC CatherineGolden1Washington Ward 7, Washington DC
1860KY CatherineGolden1Division 1, Madison, KY
1860GA CharlesGoulding2Savannah City District 3, Chatham, GA
1860LA CharlesGaudin2Jefferson, LA
1860GA Charles I.Gaulden11District 23, Stewart, GA
1860LA CelesteGaudin7Left Bank District 1, St James, LA
1860NC Donathan (Johnathan?)Golding1Dobson, Hotell, and Nixon, Surry, NC
1860VA Drury E.Gauldin12Lunenburg, VA
1860VA E.Gauldin1St Pauls, Hanover, VA
1860LA EdoirdGaudin96St Landry, LA
1860LA Edward 87Ward 4, Ascension, LA
1860GA ElizahGolden2Haralson, GA
1860GA Ervin R.Gouldin13Geneva, Talbot, GA
1860VA F.Gouldin1Caroline, VA
  One slave is marked as Hired of F. Gouldin
1860GA F.R.Goulding17Darien, McIntosh, GA
  This is probably the Rev Francis Robert Goulding, and is a different property than the one listed below as belonging to the Rev Francis Robert Goulding.
1860KY FieldenGolden2Division 1, Madison, KY
  Fielden Golden is listed just before Harrison Golden, who also owned 2 slaves, both very young childen, age 2 and 4.
1860MS FosterGolding2Township 21, Choctaw, MS
1860GA Francis Robert, RevGoulding18Derien, McIntosh Co, GA
  See F.R. Goulding above. This listing is probaly a second property with a different set of slaves: 9 males, 9 females. Names unknown.
1860MS FranklinGolding? / 4Township 21, Choctaw, MS
  Franklin is listed in the index but does not appear on the page. However, P.R. Golding does appear on the page and it notes that P.R. Golding “+ one other” appears to own the 21 slaves listed. Franklin is also listed on another page, owning 4 slaves at  Township 21, Choctaw, MS. Franklin resides next to John Golding, and both live not far away from Foster Golding — approximately eight farms or residences over.
1860DC FrancisGolden1Washington Ward 7, Washington DC
1860MO EmlyGolden1Glaize township, Miller, MO
1860TX F.L.Golden2Subdivision 12, Hays, TX
1860GA GellyGolden1Cutt Off, Marion, GA
  In fine script is what appears to be ‘Esq estate Shelton own’ … which may mean that Gelly Golden was a lawyer and has ownership due to estate liquidation for a recently deceased Shelton family member.
1860GA GeorgeGoldin2Columbus, Muscogee, GA
1860KY HarrisonGolden Division 1, Madison, KY
  Harrison Golden has 2 slaves, both very young children, age 2 and 4. He is listed just after is listed just after Fielden Golden who also has two slaves.
1860  I.W.Gouldin Caroline, VA
  One slave is marked as ‘Hired of I.W. Gouldin’
1860VA JGouldin2Caroline, VA
  Two slaves are marked as ‘Hired of J Gouldin’
1860MO J.Golden0-5Richmond, Ray, MO
  There are 5 entries for J. Golden but it appears that all but one is marked out.
1860LA J.Gaudin2Jefferson, LA
1860VA J.C.Gauldin1St Pauls, Hanover, VA
1860TN J.H.Golden4Civil District No 19, Henderson, TN
1860LA J.M.Gauden9East Baton Rouge, LA
1860VA J.M.Gouldin1Caroline, VA
  Entry marked ‘Hired of J.M. Gouldin to Miller’
1860VA Jabez S.Gouldin2North District, Pittsylvania, VA
1860SC Jas.Golding1York, SC
1860GA JamesGolden1White Bluff, Chatham, GA
1860VA James T.Gouldin44Caroline, VA
  James T. Gouldin is noted as an ‘Agent’, which usually implies that he facilitated the hiring out of slaves. Had two slaves in 1850.
1860AL JohnGaudin1Mobile City Ward 6, Mobile, AL
1860MD JohnGolden19Hill Top, Charles, MD
1860NC JohnGolden1Northern Division, Rockingham, NC
  There is a note that appears to say ‘J.C. Carter Heir, John Golden minor owner’. The slave is a young male, age 11 … perhaps meant to grow up with John Golden … as his personal servant?
1860VA JohnGouldin77Caroline, VA
  One slave is marked ‘Hires of John Gouldin’ by Thomas Gouldin …. and there are 76 slaves listed as owned by John Gouldin. It would appear that John lives next to Thomas Gouldin, who also owns slaves.
1860SC JohnGolden2Newberry, Newberry, SC
1860SC JohnGolden5Regiment 42, Anderson, SC
1860SC JohnGoldin10Newberry, Newberry, SC
1860SC John F.Golding17Newberry, Newberry, SC
  Had 17 slaves in 1850.
1860FL John H.Gaulden7Hamilton, FL
1860LA John J.Golden1Natchitoches, LA
1860NC John L.Goldin2Northern Division, Rockingham, NC
1860GA John P.Goulden62Bainbridge,
Decatur, GA
1860MO John W.Gaulden4Grand Pass, Saline, MO
1860VA John W.Gouldin2Caroline, VA
1860MO JosiahGaulden19Miami, Saline, MO
1860VA Jno. B.Gauldin12Lunenburg, VA
1860SC Jno N.Golding6Laurens, SC
1860VA Jno. R.Gauldin8Lunenburg, VA
1860VA JuliaGouldin3Caroline, VA
1860AL LavinaGoldin5Beat 6, Tallapoosa, AL
1860LA LeonGaudin3Ward 1, Ascension, LA
1860TX LeviGolden16Beat 6, Cass, TX
1860VA LimonGouldin4Caroline, VA
1860SC M.Golding12Newberry, Newberry, SC
  Am unable to make out what the first name is. May be Mark or Ma. M or Mr M or Mrs M — see below.
1860TN M.D.Golden5Civil District No 17, Weakley, TN
1860TX Mace B.Golden6Beat 1, Panola, TX
  Mace and Richd (Ritchard) Golden live next to one another in 1860. Owned one slave in 1850.
1860VA MalisaGauldin1South District, Pittsylvania, VA
1860AL Martha A.Goldin1Beat 6, Tallapoosa, AL
1860AL MaryGolden2District No 1, Madison, AL
1860MO Marton A.Gaulden7Marshall, Saline, MO
1850MS MathewGolden9Wilkinson, MS
1860NC MoodyGolding7Dobson, Surry, NC
1860TN P.A.Golden1Civil District No 13, Weakley, TN
1860GA P.A.Goldin4Cooks, Fulton, GA
1860MS P.R.Golding21Township 20, Choctaw, MS
1860MS PatrickGolden2Vicksburg, Warren, MS
1860LA PadfnyGaudin6Left Bank District 4, St James, LA
1860NC R.D.Golding22Stokes, NC
  Had 16 slaves in 1850.
1860TX R.G.Goulden9Montgomery, TX
1860LA R.H.Gaulden8Wilkinson, MS
1860SC RichardGolding36Pontotoc, MS
  This is probably the same Richard Golding as was in Laurens SC in 1850.
1860TX Richd (Richard)Golden28Beat 1, Panola, TX
  Two of the slaves are age 1 in 1860, both are female and listed as twins. Owned 13 slaves in 1850.
1860VA Robert R.Gouldin4Caroline, VA
1860AL S.Golden3District No 1, Madison, AL
1860VA S. (probably Silas
Goulding39Eastern District, Westmoreland, VA
1860SC SarahGolding1Newberry, Newberry, SC
1860LA SilvanaGaudin7Ward 1, Ascension Parish, LA
1860VA SimonGouldin14Eastern Division, Henrico, VA
1860GA SusanGolding11Athens, Clarke, GA
1860GA ThomasGolden1Brunswick, Glynn, GA
1860GA ThomasGoulden6District 21, Stewart, GA
1860VA ThomasGouldin23Caroline, VA
  Immediately following is a listing of slaves hired and/or owned by John Gouldin.
1860AL Thomas B.Golden6Southern Division, Russell, AL
1860MS Thomas W.Golding67Lowndes, MS
  Had 37 slaves in 1850.
1850VA Thos W. (Thomas)Gouldin13Caroline, VA
1860LA ValentinGaudin16Left Bank District 1, St James, LA
1860ARW.Golden1Colbath township, Clark, AR
1860VA W.Gouldin1Caroline, VA
  One slave noted as ‘Hired of W. Gouldin’.
1860MS W.B.Gauldin16De Soto, MS
1860VA W.L.Goldin?Richmond Ward 2, Henrico, VA
1860VA WilliamGoulding1Richmond Ward 2, Henrico, VA
1860AL WilliamGoldin11Beat 7, Tallapoosa, AL
1860GA William B.Gaulden96District 17, Liberty, GA
Boatner Gaulden
aka William B. Goulden
113Liberty County, GA (1609252025)

Most commonly known as William B. Goulden. Played a unique political role in advocating for the restart of the slave importation trade.

In 1870 census, there were five Gaulden former slave families living in Liberty County, and 11 living elsewhere in Georgia (1609252025). Known to have multiple plantations and claimed at one time to have as many as 600 slaves.

1860LA W.E. (Probably William E.)Gaulden12Pine Woods, Catahoula, LA
  Lived next to J. G. Taliafero. Probably migrated from South Carolina together. The Taliafero family probably originated in Virginia, in the Caroline and Orange County areas. They migrated to South Carolina and the GA-SC-TN Appalachian area in the 1770s. They were close kin with the Goldings. These Gauldens may be Goldings.
1860FL William J.Gauldin17Concord, Gadsden, FL
1860FL William R.Gauldin5Lake City, Columbia, FL
1860LAWm Raphael (see Raphael
Gaudin4Left Bank District 4, St James, LA

While many people think of slavery as being a southern phenomena, slaves were also owned in the North and in the western USA as late as 1850-1859.

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