Edward & Maria Gee Golding from England to Australia

Thank you to Michelle Thompson for sharing photos of her Golding great-grandparents. Edward and Maria Gee Golding from Cambridgeshire England at some time after immigrating to South Australia. Jacob Golding, son of Edward and Maria Gee Golding with wife Rebecca Ann Taylor and daughter Priscilla Golding.  — Photos from collection of Michelle Thompson, great-great-grandaughter of Priscilla Golding

Successful – Julia Golding – Fantasy Author, former Diplomat (UK), Conflict Resolution Activist (U.N.)

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Julia Golding Born: March 1969 Julia is married with three children. She also publishes under two pen names: Joss Stirling and Eve Edwards. In 2007 she was named as one of  ’25 Writers of the Future’. Family History: unresearched. Essex County, England is home to some … Read more