William and Nellie Golding/Golden of Edgefield, South Carolina

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Edgefield, South CarolinaIt is said that William Golden and his wife Nellie came from Ireland before 1790 and settled in Edgefield, South Carolina.

Per one descendent of Abraham Golden, there are two known sons, Isaac Golden and Abraham Golden. However, there were several other sons and daughters whose names became lost to Abraham and Isaac’s descendents. (1)

Abraham was born in SC in 1791. He and Isaac moved to Baldwin County, Georgia before 1820. Abraham moved to Monroe County and then to Marion County, Georgia where he is found in the 1850 Census.

William Golden purchased land in Edgefield Dist in 1792. He possibly died between 1808 and 1810. His widow listed in 1810 Census as Nellie. Living nearby is one Thomas Golden, possibly an eldest son. Both William and Thomas Golden owned land but have not found probate documents. (2)


Isaac Golden may have had a son William Harvey Golden (1811 – 1900). A known descendent of William Harvey Golden has taken a YDNA test that matches the profile various descendents of Nathaniel Greene Golden of South Carolina.

Based upon the dates of Isaac’s and Abraham’s birth then it is time coincident with the time period when Nathaniel Greene Golden’s parents needed to exist.

If the story of William and Nellie Golden coming from Ireland then there would be no room another generation to exist — so the chances are extremely high that William and Nellie Golden would be NGG’s parents.


(1) User jpgolden71 on FamilyTreeCircle is also related to this family; descended from Abraham Golden.

(2) Jim Golden (jgolden1@planttel.net) Date: 08 Apr 1999

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