Thomas Goulden of Bush River, Newberry, SC (c1720-aft 1790)

THOMAS GOULDEN, c1720-bef 1800   I believe that the father of our grandfather William Goulden is Thomas Goulden.   This is based upon circumstantial evidence. I have also collected DNA information on numerous other Golden, Golding etc families living in the area — which eliminates many of these families from consideration as being paternally related. … Read more

Eleanor Golden Warren, c1745-1809, Clouds Creek, Saluda, SC

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook South Carolina – Saluda/Edgefield – c1745 Which Golden family does Eleanor Golden belong to? Family history records for William Warren and Eleanor Golden (b c1745–d1809) indicate that Eleanor Golden Warren passed away in 1809 while living on Clouds Creek. This association with Clouds Creek may … Read more